A new Metro title is in development at 4A Games

    Metro fans last got an entry into the series back in February of this year with Metro: Exodus. That game released to around 80% among critics, and got solid sales figures, selling 2.5 times more than Last Light. With that game completed, players are likely wondering when the next entry will arrive. Thankfully, THQ Nordic appears to be answering that. CEO Lars Wingefors has announced that Metro’s next title is currently in development at 4A Games.

    Unfortunately, there is no more news revealed regarding the title, but that isn’t surprising. It’s likely in the very early stages of development and will require a lot more time before the team is to show anything. Still, it’s good news for us Metro fans. Having another entry already in development is great news to hear.

    If you haven’t gotten the chance to play through Exodus, it’s available on PC (through Game Pass or EGS), PS4, and Xbox One. It furthers the story of Artyom while providing a very fresh take on the series, stepping away from its metro setting. It’s a very worthwhile play, and we recommend checking the game out yourself.

    Are you excited for another Metro title? Be sure to let us know!

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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