Sony on Death Stranding: The title is planned to be available on PC (after PS4)

    Recently Sony has removed their upcoming console exclusive, Death Stranding, from their list of exclusives on After this discovery, Eurogamer took the initiative to dive deeper into this situation. They discovered that back in 2015, PlayStation community manager Pad Poet responded to various questions about the game in a now deleted, but archived, FAQ. This FAQ reveals that Death Stranding was always going to be a console exclusive, rather than a PlayStation exclusive. This leaves the door open for the game to come to PC, Stadia, Mobile, basically anything other than consoles. Sony confirmed back in 2015 that the game is planned for a PC release after the PlayStation release. At the time, Sony declined to share any details on how long the exclusivity would last.

    Q: “What other platforms will Kojima’s first independent title be available on, besides PS4?”

    A: “The title is planned to become available on PC (after PS4).”

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