Cross Save feature for Destiny 2 launches on August 21st

    It has been announced that Destiny 2’s Cross Save feature will be launching on August 21st. This will allow players to play their save from any console and pick the same save up from a different one. You can read more about Cross Save below.

    Play your characters anywhere.

    With Cross Save, you’ll be able to access the same set of Guardians on one Active Account wherever you play Destiny.

    Bring Your Gear!

    Your gear, weapons, and loot across all platforms.

    Play Anywhere

    Whatever you earn on one platform can be equipped wherever you play.

    Cross Save enables you to choose one Destiny player account (your Active Account) that you can access from wherever you choose to play. Although this is not a permanent action, we did build this new feature as something that players will activate just once to support a hobby that spans more than one platform where Destiny can be played.

    Destiny 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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