Hero is dropping TODAY in Smash Bros. Ultimate !

    It is no secret that the challenger pack #2 had the internet talking for a long time, speculations, rumors, hype, the Hero and his fellow Dragon Quest protagonists’ arrival to Smash Bros Ultimate hype reached an all-time with Nintendo announcing a presentation today on the 30th.

    Little did we know he would release literally on the same day! Sakurai also revealed that an upcoming 4.0 update was coming to Smash on 7/31

    More in-depth info has obviously been revealed right here on this 21-minute presentation, showing the different movesets, playstyles and outfits, including a Goku inspired costume! The character sure comes packed with a lot of DQ-related content, knowing all of that, will you be purchasing Hero later today ? Do you expect Nintendo’s servers to crash as they did with previously released Joker ?

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