Pets, Emotes, Ship Cosmetics and more coming soon to Sea of Thieves Insiders

    When Sea of Thieves launched, it was pretty much a dry experience for most players. The scenery was breathtaking, but activities were limited, especially for solo players. Since release, the great people at Rare have made the game a much better adventure for all us pirates, adding single player quests, cooking, fishing, and harpooning and it seems we have more coming at us in in the future.

    Sea of Thieves Insiders will soon be able to play around with new features such as emotes and even pets very soon. You won’t have to worry about loot box mechanics or random microtransactions since you’ll be able to pick which cosmetic items to buy.

    • Pets are going to be aded for Sea of Thieves Insiders very soon. They weren’t as intended when they initially became available to testers, but now they’re almost ready.
    • More purchasable emotes will be added. Pets will be coming first, and then sometimes after that, emotes will be added.
    • Ship cosmetics will be added soon after that. You’ll be able to buy special items to express yourself and the pirate in you.

    The team is also working on some other hot items that players have requested.

    • Cross-play toggle: You’ll soon be able to choose if you only want to play with those using a controller.
    • Hit detection: Hit detection is also being improved.
    • The Arena: Rare is looking at ways to bring in more ships to The Arena.

    You can check out the full developer update video below!

    If you haven’t tried out Sea of Thieves yet, it is available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC right now.


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