We are all doomed, the Splatfest winner is…

    …Team Chaos!

    The vast majority, including myself, seems to have joined the ranks of the chaos army because the Splatfest has been won on an almost humiliating 3 – 0 on the three-day-long event, which is surprising considering the internet’s love for Marina. It was either to pay respect to recently deceased YouTuber and streamer Etika, who claimed to be Team Chaos when the Splatfest was initially revealed or simply the idea of chaos being…cooler than order, either way, congratulations!

    It is also wholesome to note that Pearl, despite the way she was previously portrayed seems to be pretty fair play about it.

    Even trying to comfort Marina while suggesting that the duo should reach new musical genres, the outcome doesn’t seem so bad!

    For better or for worse, Splatoon 3‘s direction seems to be set and we personally can’t wait to see how the community changed the franchise.

    If you fought in the final Splatfest, be sure to collect your Super Sea Snail prizes in the square area!

    For info, the Splatfest was the last Splatoon 2 event before end of support from the dev team, it opposed both Team Chaos and Team Order, both also represented by Pearl and Marina, Splatoon 2 is a third-person ink-shooter available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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