Everything you need to know to participate in the Minecraft Earth beta

    It’s almost here. Mojang and Microsoft are gearing up to open the gates to their builder-friendly take on the Pokemon Go formula in the next couple of weeks for everyone to try out and build a new world around them.

    Do you think you are ready for the beta? Just in case you’re not for sure if you have all your steps covered to participate in the upcoming beta for Minecraft Earth, here is some details for you to go over to make sure you are ready to go.

    Entering the beta is as simple as signing up. You can head over to the games official website here to go ahead and register. As a bonus, signing up early will get you access to a special skin that naturally looks like the Earth in both Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Bedrock. Please note that registering does not guarantee you access to the Minecraft Earth beta, as only a limited number of participants in certain locations will be let in for the time being. And as always, keep an eye out on your email inbox for that confirmation to see if you got in.

    The Minecraft Earth beta will launch on iOS devices sometime in the next two weeks, so sometime by July 25th. The Android version will follow soon after that. At this time, there is no additional information about the Android launch.

    As for content, its looking like the beta will provide almost everything that you’ll find in the full game. You’ll be able to explore our local community in block form, pick up Tappables for XP and resources, and drop down Build Plates to make your own creations with friends and family then deploy them into the real world for everyone to explore.

    Now if you are selected to be a part of the beta, you will be required to play at least once every seven days. If you don’t, your slot will be given up to someone else so the developers can retain an active pool of testers. And try not to get attached to your progress as the developers say they will occasionally need to reset the game as they test out and add new features throughout the entire beta test run.

    Keep an eye out for your beta invites and in case you haven’t yet, head on over to the official site and sign up before it’s too late. Are you going to sign up for the beta? Let us know on Twitter!

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