Should you buy both Pokémon Sword and Shield?

    Ever thought the differences between the usual two Pokémon editions for each main entries were too minor for the prices they ask? Well, it seems like Game Freak is bringing more than just exclusive Pokémon.

    You are probably already aware but version-exclusive gyms are back, a first since Pokémon Black and White.

    It brings the question, are they going to stop here? Have we even seen half of the version-exclusive Pokémon? Are there going to be story changes depending on the versions? New secret areas? New items? Despite the backlash regarding the animations, textures and overall questionable choices, there is no denying that Sword & Shield is a massive step forward for the Pokémon franchise so Game Freak making more changes for both versions to justify selling both in a bundle is not out of the equation, this very well might be the start of a new era for Pokémon games, whether we are on board or not but that is a debate for another day.

    The question here is, SHOULD YOU BUY BOTH?

    With our current knowledge as of today, you will be just fine with one version, well, that is a choice only you can make comparing what both have to offer, so here’s a global recap for both Sword and Shield:

    Pokémon exclusive to Sword







    Pokémon exclusive to Shield







    Note that as of right now there are no words on the version exclusivity of newly revealed Pokémon:

    Duraludon – Steel/Dragon
    Alcremie – Fairy
    Rolycoly – Rock

    They seem to be included in both Sword and Shield.

    But that’s not all, some Pokémon, including the exclusives ones, will benefit from the newly announced mechanic, Gigantamax.

    Unlike Dynamax that makes your Pokémon bigger, with boosted stats, Gigantamax alters their appearance as they grow EVEN BIGGER and gain access to special G-Max Moves. So some Pokémon on Sword and Shield have more hidden designs yet to be revealed.

    And to close it off on the Pokémon part, we obviously can’t talk about Sword and Shield without mentioning the legendaries. Zacian and Zamazenta, two wolves that are currently the Sword & Shield cover stars. One is an adorable doggo carrying a sword in his mouth and the other is a… ferocious shield-shaped head wolf…?

    And finally, the Gyms, it’s no secret if you’ve been on the internet today, Bea and Allister are a thing, to quote the official Pokémon twitter:

    Bea is a prodigy in Galar karate, (Fighting-type Gym Leader) carrying on its century-old traditions and techniques. She’s known for her stoicism and very rarely shows her emotions.

    Allister is a talented Trainer of Ghost-type Pokémon who became a Gym Leader at a young age. He rarely makes public appearances and seems to spend most of his time near ruins or cemeteries.

    Both gyms will offer different fights, dialogues, quests, and probably story elements so there is that.

    With all this knowledge now at your disposal, we hope to have made your choice a little be easier. Note that more could be announced but as of right now, which version you think offers the best content? Or are you a Pokémon superfan and buying both? Let us know!

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