Uncharted Movie Director and Star State That Movie Will Not Be An Adaptation Of The Games

    Dan Trachtenberg, Director of the upcoming film “Uncharted” based off of the popular video game series has stated that the movie will “focus more on Nathan Drake’s past before the first game” as he feels that a direct adaptation of the first game would not stack up to the original.

    Trachtenberg said in an interview, “[I] have been approached with different versions of this tale and have always been not that interested in it because I didn’t really want to trace the game.” He also said that if Naughty Dog were to make another Uncharted Game starring Nate and Sully, “this movie’s story is probably the story that they would want to tell.”

    Of course, it’s good to hear the 10 Cloverfield Lane director is confident in what he’s making with Sony. And the direction he and co. are taking is probably the right one. We don’t need the movie to re-tell the story of the games. Even if it — somehow — nailed it, it wouldn’t be anything we don’t have already.

    The Uncharted movie is poised to release next year on December 18. At the moment of publishing, there’s been no word of the movie’s cast beyond Tom Holland.

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