Apex Legends Season 2 is out now!

    Today, Respawn has finally released the long awaited Apex Legends Season 2. We last received details about the update via EA Play at E3 last month, but we now have it in our hands. This is the first big content update since the season system was first introduced, and should have players excited.

    Season 2, otherwise known as “Battle Charge” features a lot of large content updates to shake up the formula. An EMP has hit the island and has now let many different creatures roam about. The flyers, for example, are flying dragons that contain loot for players to pick up at random drops. Along with this are large leviathans which should add a new atmosphere to the game. In combination with this, players can now take control of the new character Wattson. She is an electricity based legend, with different traps to stop enemy ordnance and control their movement. Finally, there’s a new weapon known as the L-STAR. The L-STAR is an energy weapon found in supply drops which is powerful enough to open doors. It’s sure to create a new dynamic of play when using buildings as cover.

    Along with these big content updates, there’s a slew of smaller balance changes which should help to refine the game. If you’d like to see the full list, you can find them here. Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for free.

    Shawn Robinson
    Shawn Robinson
    19 | Head of PC for Final Weapon

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