Solo Leveling: ARISE Update Adds New Hunter, Features and More

    Meilin Fisher makes her debut.

    The second post-launch update for new action RPG Solo Leveling: ARISE is now live featuring original hunter Meilin Fisher, new content and features, and so much more. Fans may also look forward to a new Steam version of Solo Leveling: ARISE.

    Meilin is a water-type SSR healer who can manipulate water and summon Berry, her guardian spirit. Her Ultimate Skill “Big Meow” grants buffs that increase allies’ Critical Hit Rate and Core Attack Damage while lowering damage received. What’s more, her exclusive SSR weapon “Hook, Line, and Sinker” increases Power Gauge Acquisition Rate and lowers Ultimate Skill cooldowns.

    The latest Solo Leveling: ARISE update also introduces the Workshop of Brilliant Light, a challenge-type raid with main and side stages. Although side stages are optional, players are recommended to complete them to receive the “Blessing of Brilliant Light” buff. Clear the main stage at Workshop of Brilliant Light and earn higher-level Artifacts, including Burning Curse, Burning Greed and Burning Blessing.

    The new update also adds original stories for Meilin Fisher and Seo Jiwoo at the Hunter Archive, alongside new skins for Meilin (Lovely Magician) and Lee Joohee (Sweet as Honey). Moreover, players can now receive rewards according to Sung Jinwoo’s achievement level.

    Several events are running now through July 10: 

    • May’s Salvage Project! Salvage Artifacts: Mana Power Imbued Fragment will be given to the players who salvage Artifacts that have reached Enhancement +1 or higher. These fragments can be exchanged for various growth materials at the Artifact Material Exchange Shop.
    • Meilin Fisher Rate Up Celebration! Special Dice: Players will receive Dice Vent Tickets upon clearing certain missions. By rolling the dice via the Special Dice event, players can obtain various gifts including SSR ‘Hook, Line, and Sinker,’ [Event] Meilin Fisher’s Weapon Design, Rate Up Draw Ticket and more.
    • Meilin Fisher Growth Tournament: Complete missions to earn points and rewards. SSR ‘Hook, Line and Sinker’ and various growth materials such as Hunter Exclusive Weapon Design, Weapon Enhancement Gear II, Skill Scrolls III and more.

    Lastly, Solo Leveling: ARISE is available right now for Android, iOS, and PC. The Steam version is coming soon. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
    Raul Ochoa, a.k.a. Soul Kiwami, is the Managing Editor of Final Weapon and a Games Writer at Game Rant with four years of writing and editing experience. Raul is passionate about the Japanese gaming industry, and he's a huge fan of Nintendo Switch, PC hardware, JRPGs, and fighting games. business email: [email protected] | Muck Rack:

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