Xbox and Rebellion Reveal Atomfall, Launching in 2025

    Post-war Britain meets Cold War paranoia.

    Xbox and developer Rebellion have revealed Atomfall, a new survival-action first person shooter. The game will release on the Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025.

    The game’s first trailer describes Atomfall as follows: “A nuclear disaster has left an area of Britain in tatters. Atomfall, a new survival-action game, will see you explore, scavenge, craft, barter and fight your way through beautifully recreated scenery in search of answers.”

    Xbox Reveals Atomfall, Releasing Next Year

    Atomfall Screenshot

    Xbox has announced Atomfall, a new game that will launch on the Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2025. It will also be available on Game Pass. The trailer’s description states that the new game blends “post-war Britain with Cold War paranoia, folk horror, and elements of classic British sci-fi.” Check out the game’s first trailer below:

    Xbox Wire describes the upcoming game as follows:

    Set in the rolling British countryside with idyllic pubs, quaint villages, and red phone boxes, it soon becomes clear that things are far from normal. Created by Rebellion, the makers of the much-loved Sniper Elite and Zombie Army franchises, Atomfall is inspired by a real-world nuclear disaster that occurred in northern England in 1957. The game follows a fictional storyline where you find yourself in the quarantine zone five years after the event.

    Explore the countryside, villages, and settlements and meet odd people, wicked cults, rogue government agencies and others along the way. Explore this open world adventure and seek out the truth at your own pace.

    Lastly, Atomfall will release in 2025. Rebellion will reveal more details about the game in the coming months.

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