The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- First Web Commercial Released

    Fan-favorite heroes are finally back.

    Nihon Falcom released the first web commercial for The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-, featuring returning characters like Kevin Graham, Rean Schwarzer, and Altina Orion. The new title will be released on September 26 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan, and a release in Asia is planned.

    Revealed as the Trails 20th anniversary game, The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- will bring a “dramatic change” for Trails. Specifically, the story leads players toward the prophesized “X Day,” which has been subtly teased through various Trails games. 

    The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell O, Zemuria- Marks the Return of Many Fan-Favorites

    The first web commercial for The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Farewell, O Zemuria reveals several returning characters for the game, as originally teased. These characters include Kevin Graham, Rean Schwarzer, Altina Orion, Rufus Albarea, and Shizuna Rem Misurugi. Van Arkride’s allies such as Feri Al-Fayed, Aaron Wei, Risette Twinings, Quatre Salision, and Judith Lanster will also return as party members.

    Moreover, Falcom revealed that a Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki – Farewell, O Zemuria Limited Edition will be sold for 11,550 yen (tax included). Limited Edition contents include the game, original soundtrack mini, the “Trails 20th Anniversary” Metallic Card Collection 2004 to 2024, the “Trails 20th Anniversary” Memorial Pin, and the Zemuria Background Music Collection DLC, which features tracks from Trails in the Sky through Trails through Daybreak

    First-print copies include a DLC costume for Rean Schwarzer, allowing him to change back into his Thors Military Academy Branch Campus instructor uniform. This bonus is available for digital and physical copies. 

    Watch the new web commercial below:

    Here’s an overview of the upcoming RPG from our previous coverage:

    “In the year 120X, everything comes to an end.”
    C. Epstein, the father of the orbal revolution, prophesized the end of the Zemurian continent.
    As “X Day” approaches, a massive orbal rocket is about to be launched from a large military base built in the Kunlun Range.
    “Can man make it past the planet’s atmosphere?”
    “What lies at the end of the continent?”
    “Will mankind be able to uncover the true nature of the ‘world’?”
    While the whole world watches to witness the largest undertaking since the dawn of history, somewhere in the singularity that is Ored, forces from all over the land were about to gather, including a young “Spriggan.”
    Will the single trail toward the distant heavens ultimately shape the future of Zemuria, or…

    The Legend of Heroes: Kai no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria- releases on September 26 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Lastly, visit Final Weapon’s extensive coverage of Falcom RPGs below:

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