Digimon Adventure Anime Announces New Promo for 25th Anniversary

    The promo will release at an exhibit on August 9.

    The staff behind the Digimon franchise has announced that Digimon Adventure will be getting a new promo video for its 25th anniversary. The promo will first release at an exhibit on August 9. 

    Digimon Adventure is a beloved anime franchise that began in 1999. Recently, a film titled Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning released in theaters. The film features Daisuke Motomiya and friends from the original Digimon Adventure 02 anime. Released in 2000, the anime contrasted the prior Digimon series by introducing a new cast of characters separate from Tai and Agumon. The upcoming movie will continue the story of Daisuke and his many allies.

    Digimon Adventure Getting New Promo Video for Anniversary Later This Summer

    Digimon Adventure Screenshot

    The staff behind the Digimon franchise has announced that Digimon Adventure will get a new promo video around August. The promo will commemorate the anime’s 25th anniversary, and will first premiere at an exhibit commemorating the anniversary on August 9.

    Recently, Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning, a film based on Digimon Adventure‘s sequel series, premiered in theaters. Tomohisa Taguchi, known for the Persona 3 movies, and scriptwriter Akatsuki Yamatoya made the movie. Alongside them, Yumeta Company and Toei Animation provided the movie’s animation and production, respectively. The cast for the film is as follows:

    • Fukujurō Katayama as Daisuke Motomiya
    • Junko Noda as V-Mon
    • Arthur Lounsbery as Ken Ichijōji 
    • Naozumi Takahashi as Wormmon
    • Ayaka Asai as Miyako Inoue
    • Kouichi Toochika as Hawkmon
    • Yoshitaka Yamaya as Iori Hida
    • Megumi Urawa as Armadimon
    • Junya Enoki as Takeru Takaishi
    • Miwa Matsumoto as Patamon
    • M.A.O as Hikari Yagami
    • Yuka Tokumitsu as Tailmon
    • Megumi Ogata as Rui Ōwada
    • Rie Kugimiya as Ukkomon

    Lastly, the anniversary video for Digimon Adventure will first premiere at an exhibit commemorating the milestone on August 9. The public release date for the promo is currently unknown. For those who want to watch Digimon Adventure, it is currently available on Crunchyroll.

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