Classic Marathon Available Now on Steam, Full Trilogy to Release Later

    "Somewhere in the heavens...they are waiting."

    Bungie has released Classic Marathon on PC via Steam for free. The entire original Marathon trilogy will release later on the digital store.

    Marathon initially released in 1994 for the Apple Macintosh. Bungie developed two sequels titled Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon: Infinity. The series serves as a precursor to the beloved Halo franchise. Bungie’s original run of the Halo series includes many references to Marathon. Recently, after working on Destiny 2 extensively, Bungie announced that a new entry in the Marathon series is in development. The game’s release date is currently unknown.

    Classic Marathon Available Now on Steam for Free

    Classic Marathon Screenshot

    Bungie has released the first entry in the Marathon series on PC via Steam. The release is due to the “Aleph One community,” a group of dedicated Marathon fans who have released the entire series on modern PC and Mac devices using Marathon 2‘s engine. Further, they will release the rest of the trilogy on Steam in the future. Check out the announcement post below:

    The Steam release of the game describes it as follows:

    Alien forces have boarded the colony ship UESC Marathon in the Tau Ceti system, in orbit around humanity’s first interstellar colony. The situation is dire, and as a security officer assigned to the Marathon, your duty is to defend the ship and its crew from the alien threat.

    This classic 1994 Bungie™ FPS had a foundational influence on the genre, and is now maintained by the fan community. Experience authentic game play using the original data files, with optional widescreen HUD support, 3D filtering/perspective, positional audio, and 60+ fps interpolation, just in case the original is too authentic.

    Classic Marathon is powered by the Aleph One engine, which is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3.

    Lastly, Classic Marathon is available now on PC via Steam. Bungie will likely confirm more details about the rest of the trilogy and new Marathon game’s release in the coming months.

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