Dream Tactics Available Now on PC & Nintendo Switch

    Available now.

    Dream Tactics, a Game Boy Advance-inspired strategy RPG, is officially available now across Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The title comes from developer Spectra Entertainment and publisher Freedom Games. Inspired by Fire EmblemFinal Fantasy Tactics, and DisgaeaDream Tactics offers loads of customization and over 100 cards to choose from in battle.

    Each turn brings new challenges and opportunities, with every playable character offering new cards to play. If you’d like, you can even redraw cards using points. Overall, there is loads of strategy and customization awaiting every move, and Dream Tactics allows you to play any way you’d like. You can check out the launch trailer for this title below:

    You can learn more about the game below via Steam:

    Ready your decks, pick your party, and prepare for battle! Innovating on the tactical RPG genre, Dream Tactics delivers rich character customization, strategic combat, and tactical card combos to explore.

    The Dream World is in peril! It is up to our unlikely hero, Neru, to assemble a formidable team to defeat Dream Eater and save the world from its imminent collapse.

    The only problem? Neru may have slacked a bit on learning Reverie, the magic of the Dream World, and is almost out of time until its destruction!

    Dream Tactics is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The game is priced at $17.99, but you can save 10% off for a limited time to celebrate launch week.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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