IzanagiGames Reduces Steam Prices for World’s End Club & Yurukill: The Calumniation Games

    Now $19.99 each.

    IzanagiGames announced a reduction to the prices for action-adventure game World’s End Club and visual novel / shoot ’em up hybrid Yurukill: The Calumniation Games on Steam. The new prices for these two games are now live, bringing them down to just $19.99 per title. 

    World’s End Club is an intriguing title brought to fans by Zero Escape series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi and Danganronpa / Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE creator Kazutaka Kodaka. In this title, a group of Tokyo elementary school students form the “Go-Getters Club” and find themselves trapped at an underwater theme park when disaster strikes. 

    Yurukill: The Calumniation Games comes from the minds of Kakegurui creator Homura Kawamoto, scenario writer Hikari Mutsuno, Valkyria Chronicles character designer Hiro Kiyohara, and shoot ’em up developer G.rev. This bullet hell shooter sees protagonist Sengoku Shunju attempt to prove his innocence by surviving “attractions” and receiving a pardon. A problem ensues when his alleged victim, Rina Azami, appears. 

    World’s End Club & Yurukill: The Calumniation Games Steam Price Reduction

    Both World’s End Club and Yurukill: The Calumniation Games are now available for a new price of $19.99 each on Steam. Previously, World’s End Club was $29.99, and Yurukill: The Calumniation Games was $39.99. 

    Here’s an overview of each game, courtesy of IzanagiGames: 

    World’s End Club

    In an elementary school in Tokyo, a group of oddball kids from across the country have banded together as the “Go-Getters Club.” Reycho and the rest of the Go-Getters are, to say the least, a little different to the rest of their classmates.

    One summer’s day the group is riding the bus on a school trip when disaster strikes. They wake up to find themselves trapped in a rusted, long-abandoned underwater theme park. As they struggle to get their bearings, a sinister clown appears out of the blue and informs the Go-Getters that they’ll be playing a “Game of Fate”—pitting their lives against one another in a desperate struggle for survival!

    Bewildered and confused, prospects look bleak for Reycho and the gang, but when all hope
    seems lost, out of nowhere, strange powers start to awaken in the daring Go-Getters.
    What in the world could happen next!?

    Yurukill: The Calumniation Games

    Sengoku Shunju wakes up in his prison cell.  A woman wearing a fox mask introduces herself as Binko, and says: “Sengoku Shunju, you are a criminal sentenced to years in prison, you’ve been offered the chance to gain your freedom. You must survive the various ‘attractions’ in a certain ‘amusement park.’ If you succeed, your crimes will be pardoned.”

    “No, you’ve got it all wrong, I’ve been falsely accused! I’m innocent!”

    The victim of one of his alleged crimes appears. Her name is Rina Azami. “Sengoku Shunju. A name I will never forget. You killed my entire family. For that, I will never forgive you.”

    Sengoku is in prison, charged with arson and murder—for burning to death 21 people, including Rina’s family. Naturally, the victim does not believe a word of Sengoku’s claims of innocence. Besides Sengoku are four other groups of criminals and their respective victims. The accused criminals are called “Prisoners,” and the victims “Executioners.” Criminals and victims must pair up to face the amusement park’s attractions.

    There are a total of six criminals and five victims. There are five teams: Mass Murderers, Death Dealing Duo, Crafty Killers, Sly Stalkers, and Peeping Toms. The Prisoners hope to overcome the challenges so that they may be pardoned. Should the Executioners win, their wishes will be granted. At long last they will be able to avenge their loved ones.
    The challenges take place in a secluded amusement park called “Yurukill Land.”
    All manner of secrets will be unearthed as the teams face each attraction.

    Who will survive the cruel, twisted place that is Yurukill Land?

    IzanagiGames is planning to release Nintendo Switch versions of TOKYO CHRONOS & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos. Both of these games will be bundled together in TOKYO CHRONOS & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos – TWIN PACK, launching in 2024.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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