ANIPLEX.EXE Reveals Visual Novel Tanetsumi no Uta

    Releasing in English in 2024.

    At the AnimeJapan 2024 event, ANIPLEX.EXE and developer iMel have announced Tanetsumi no Uta, a new visual novel for PC. The game will launch in 2024 with English, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified) language options.

    Tanetsumi no Uta is a completely original title produced by ANIPLEX.EXE and developed by iMel. Kazumi (STUDIO HOMMAGE) is the planner and scenario writer for the game, with character designs by popman3580 and Maniani. Moeki Harada is the composer and Yow is the director. 

    Tanetsumi no Uta Reveal Trailer Confirms Opening and Ending Theme Songs

    The opening theme song for Tanetsumi no Uta is “Yoru o Koeru” by Sola, which is written by Kazuki / Shiki and composed composed by Moeki Harada. Kazuki and Harada wrote and composed the ending theme song, “Tanetsumi no Uta” by Rita.

    The voice cast of the game includes: 

    • Minami Iinuma as Misuzu
    • Sayumi Watabe as Yoko
    • Yukimi Hayase as Tsumugi
    • Mutsumi Tamura as Hiruko

    Watch the new promotional video below: 

    Lastly, here’s an overview of the game, via Gematsu

    Misuzu lost her mother at a young age. In the summer of 2023, a girl visits Misuzu on her 16th birthday. It was her 16 year-old mother, Yoko.

    The “Tanetsumi Ritual” is held in the “Land of the the Eternal,” where the gods reside. Yoko, who was chosen as its priestess, tells Misuzu that she came from 1996 to invite her to be a companion on her journey.

    The Tanetsumi Ritual” is a funeral of gods, which is necessary for the immortality of the gods to pass between generations and into a new age. The “Tanetsumi Priestess” goes around the Land of the Eternal with the duty of convincing the leaders of the old gods to accept death before the “True Winter” that defiles the earth arrives

    Invited by Yoko, Misuzu goes to 2050, where Misuzu’s own 16-year-old daughter Tsumugi joins them and they head to the Land of the Eternal.

    Together with Hiruko, who appears to be a pilot and introduces himself as Misuzu’s younger brother, the four travel through poetically-inspired lands where True Winter approaches.

    What outcome awaits Misuzu and her miraculous gathering of companions at the end of their time travel journey…?

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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