Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – All Chapter Titles & Trophies

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    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is here, and a huge 40+ hour main story has come alongside it. With major RPGs like this one, it can be easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re unsure of the end goal. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth chapter titles, so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you begin your journey through Gaia.


    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Chapter List Guide

    The main story of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is comprised of fourteen story chapters. This does not include side quests or side missions. Each of those has numerous hours of content, with a new area to explore for almost every major chapter. Below, you can read the chapter names:

    • Chapter 1 – Fall of a Hero
    • Chapter 2 – A New Journey Begins
    • Chapter 3 – Deeper Into Darkness
    • Chapter 4 – Dawn of a New Era
    • Chapter 5 – Blood in the Water
    • Chapter 6 – Fool’s Paradise
    • Chapter 7 – Those Left Behind
    • Chapter 8 – All That Glitters
    • Chapter 9 – The Planet Stirs
    • Chapter 10 – Watcher of the Vale
    • Chapter 11 – The Long Shadow of Shinra
    • Chapter 12 – A Golden Key
    • Chapter 13 – Where Angels Fear to Tread
    • Chapter 14 – End of the World

    Beyond the main story, there is also an Interlude featuring Zack Fair. This is titled Interlude: A World Apart. Stay tuned for a more detailed guide on this.

    Main Story Chapter Trophies

    With each story chapter, a trophy will pop up for completing it. That list can be found below as well:

    • Never Meet Your Heroes – Complete Chapter 1
    • Swampy Situation – Complete Chapter 2
    • Make Mine Back – Complete Chapter 3
    • The President’s Commendation – Complete Chapter 4
    • Cryptic Cameo – Complete Chapter 5Fun in the Sun – Complete Chapter 6
    • The Price of Progress – Complete Chapter 7
    • Worth the Weight? – Complete Chapter 8
    • Crying Out Complete – Chapter 9
    • Stars Fell from My Eyes – Complete Chapter 10
    • You’re Not Murasaki – Complete Chapter 11
    • Hearts Out, Dukes Up – Complete Chapter 12
    • I’m Here for You – Complete Chapter 13
    • Confluence of Worlds – Complete Chapter 14

    That’s all you need to know for the main story chapters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth! For more, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Guide Compendium, which contains every guide Final Weapon has crafted for this enormous game. 

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