Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Cosmo Canyon Chocobo Guide

    Exploring the vast world of Gaia poses certain challenges on foot. So, wrangle up a faithful Chocobo companion!

    The chocobo. This happy, typically yellow, bird is one of the most recognizable creatures within the Final Fantasy series. They make yet another appearance in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, returning as mounts that help you traverse the vast world of Gaia. Chocobos and their utility have been greatly expanded in this entry, taking many classic elements and updating them into some of the best versions of our favorite bird mascot to date! Each region has its own Chocobo variant and its own requirements to get yourself one of these trusty steeds. Use our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Cosmo Canyon Chocobo Guide to help you nab yourself a chocobo for the Cosmo Canyon Region!

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!


    During your chocobo wrangling journey, you must keep a few things in mind. Chocobos are relegated to their home regions. So, each new area you visit has a few checkboxes you must tick to get one. Once you do get one, you get a handy whistle that calls your chocobo. Just tap the ‘R1’ button to give it a blow, and your chocobo will rush to your side. Saddling up is as easy as walking up to your bird, as you’ll climb up automatically! Keep in mind your chocobo has a walk, a gallop, and a sprint. This allows you to have a decent range of speed control!

    As you wrangle more chocobos and fix up chocobo stops you’ll receive ‘Golden Plumes’. These beautiful choco feathers can be exchanged for some cosmetics that you can adorn your new bird companions with! 

    How to Get a Chocobo in Cosmo Canyon

    You’ll be visiting Cosmo Canyon in Chapter 10. In order to get this new chocobo variant you’ll have to put in some extra work as it’s part of the “Bonds of Trust” quest. Keep your eyes open; this quest can be found fairly early in the chapter, just north of Activation Intel Tower 1. The name of this wrangling game is cart pushing. You’ll have to push a cart along the tracks to have a spot to hide behind. Be careful to not be spotted, as these chocobos move and look around. Be sure to hit the switch to change the track direction so that you can keep using the minecart as a portable hide spot. Getting this bird, in particular, early will make traversing this region much more fun! 

    Cosmo Canyon Chocobo Abilities

    Most of the aqua-colored chocobo’s abilities are the same as the other chocobos. You can run around quickly and all that. However, you can now glide! This makes the craggy and expansive canyon areas easy to explore. Not to mention a pure joy to traverse. 

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Chocobo Treasure Hunt

    One cool thing your chocobo can do is hunt for treasure (very reminiscent of FFIX’s Choco Hot and Cold). Sometimes when you’re out ridin’ your chocobo will stop in its tracks, as it senses a nearby treasure. You can peck around to try to find it or spend some time sniffing it out. Regardless of your preferred method, this is a handy way to nab some extra stuff. Thanks Aponi!

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