Himitsu no AiPri Anime Premieres April 7

    More cast and characters revealed.

    The official website for the upcoming Himitsu no AiPri anime has confirmed that it will air in April 7. The website has also revealed new members of the series’ cast.

    The PriPara franchise, also known as Pretty Series, is an ongoing franchise that focuses on a virtual world where people can turn into their idol alter-ego. The most recent game in the franchise, Idolland PriPara, is available now on iOS and Android. The upcoming anime, now titled Himitsu no AiPri, will be the third adaptation to date and will premiere this year. 

    Himitsu no AiPri Confirmed to Air in April 7

    Himitsu no AiPri

    The official website for the upcoming Himitsu no AiPri has revealed more characters and cast members joining the series. The new cast members are as follows: Yurika Kubo as a “mysterious girl”, Yuriko Hibi as Sakura Ichijōji, Anna Suzuki as Tamaki Nikaidō, Sora Tokui as Airi Mitsuba, Misaki Watada as Rinrin Shinomiya, Yō Taichi as Chi Mamiya, Kanae Itō as Meganee Akai, and Showtaro Morikubo as MC Aimu. The website also confirms that the series will air on April 7.

    The staff of the series is as follows:

    • Director: Jun’ichi Fujisaku and Kentaro Yamaguchi
    • Studio: OLM
    • Chief Directors: Dongwoo A&E, and Park Chi Man, Nam Sung Min, Choi Hun Cheol, and Shin Gi Chuel
    • Scripts: Gigaemon Ichikawa
    • Character Designer: Yuki Nagano
    • CG Director: Satoshi Yanagawa
    • Composer: Izumi Mori
    • Sound Director: Noriyoshi Konuma

    One of the anime adaptations of the PriPara franchise, titled Idol Time Pripara, is available now on Crunchyroll. The streaming service describes the series:

    Yui is a girl who lives in the town of Paparajuku, and who dreams of being an idol, even if she realizes that being an idol is next to impossible for her. Her friends often remark on how much she dreams about it. But then, the PriPara idol theme park opens in her town, and that an idol named Laala is coming to town from Parajuku, which only makes Yui dream even bigger. The new PriPara theme park has been updated with new concepts. However, due to a system error, Laala is no longer able to PriPara Change.

    Lastly, Himitsu no AiPri will premiere on April 7, 2024.

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