Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Getting Anime Adaptation in 2024

    Cast members also revealed.

    Micro Magazine has announced that the Let This Grieving Soul Retire! light novel series will be getting an anime adaptation in 2024. They have also revealed some members of the series’ cast.

    Tsukikage initially wrote Let This Grieving Soul Retire! in 2018. Micro Magazine has been publishing the series ever since. Additionally, Kadokawa published a manga adaptation in 2019. Both series are still ongoing to this day.

    Let This Grieving Soul Retire! Anime Details

    Let This Grieving Soul Retire Cover

    Recently, Micro Magazine confirmed that Let This Grieving Soul Retire! will be getting an anime adaptation this year. Alongside the announcement, they released a teaser trailer revealing some members of the series’ cast and crew. Check out the teaser video below:

    The series will star Kenshō Ono as Krai Andrey and Miyu Kubota as Tino Shade. Masahiro Takata will direct the series at Zero-G, Saber Links is working on sound production, Hideki Shirane is in charge of scripts, Yūsuke Isouchi and Shingo Fujisaki are designing the characters, Ryōhei Sataka is composing the music, while Avex Pictures is in charge of music production.

    Additionally, Risa Tsushima is directing the art, Shūhei Tada is working on art setting, Saho Yamane is working on art setting assistance, Atsushi Furukawa is on color key assist, Yoshinori Tomo is directing the 3D visuals, Kōsuke Tanaka is the compositing director of photography, and Masaki Utsunomiya is editing.

    The entire series thus far is available on J-Novel Club. They describe it as follows:

    It’s the golden age for treasure hunters—adventurers hungry for wealth, fame, power, and glory, who risk their lives in treasure vaults throughout the world. “Let’s become treasure hunters.” Krai and his childhood friends swore to become the greatest of them all, but that dream should have died the day Krai realized he wasn’t cut out for the job! Yet expectations continue to mount, right along with Krai’s fear for his life. While his childhood friends climb closer toward their dream, this grieving soul has one simple wish: to pack it all in and retire!

    Lastly, the Let This Grieving Soul Retire! anime adaptation will air in 2024.

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