The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic Reveals New Promo Video

    The promo showcases more of the series' upcoming action.

    The staff of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic has revealed a new promo for the ongoing series. The series so far is available on Crunchyroll.

    For those unfamiliar, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic follows Usato, a high school student summoned to a different world. It is an isekai fantasy title that initially began publication in 2014. Kadokawa is currently publishing the series in print. The first episode of The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic aired on January 5.

    The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic New Promo Reveals Series’ Action

    A recent promo for the ongoing The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic reveals more of the series’ action. Specifically, it previews the story as it advances towards a climactic fight with the “demon lord’s army.” Check out the new promo below:

    The staff and cast of the series include the following:

    • Original Work: Kurokata 
    • Character Original Design: KeG 
    • Director: Takahide Ogata 
    • Series Composition: Shogo Yasukawa 
    • Character Design: Kenji Tanabe 
    • Color DesignMasaaki Hino
    • Art DirectorKen Naito
    • Director of PhotographyKohei Yamamoto
    • EditingHiromi Komine
    • Sound DirectorYuichi Imaizumi
    • Sound Productio:HALF H・P STUDIO
    • Music: Elements Garden (Hitoshi Fujima, Seima Kondo) 
    • Music Production: Lantis
    • Animation Production: Studio Ad x Shin-Ei Animation 
    • Usato: Shogo Sakata 
    • Suzune: Ayaka Nanase 
    • Kazuki: Kengo Takahashi 
    • Rose: Atsuko Tanaka
    • Amako: Saya Aizawa
    • Blurin: Akeno Watanabe  

    The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic is available to watch on Crunchyroll. They describe it as follows:

    An ordinary walk home from school turns into an epic journey for Usato. After suddenly being dropped into another world with two fellow students, Usato learns he was summoned there by accident. But things turn around when he discovers a unique aptitude for healing magic! Now, he trains beyond human limitations, using his self-healing abilities to gain absurd strength and unrivaled stamina.

    Lastly, The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic‘s next episode will air on February 23.

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