New Original Anime Mayonaka Punch Airing in July

    A new production from Kadokawa and P.A. Works.

    Kadokawa and P.A. Works have revealed a new original anime titled Mayonaka Punch. The anime will air in July 2024.

    Kadokawa is a popular anime producer known for Steins;Gate, Kill la Kill, Evangelion, and more. According to Anime News Network, the upcoming anime is a “girls comedy” that focuses on “‘NewTubers’ who stream on the world’s largest video sharing site ‘NewTube.'” Expect the anime’s staff to reveal more details in the coming weeks and months.

    Mayonaka Punch, a New Original Anime, Announced

    Mayonaka Punch Key Visual

    Kadokawa and P.A. Works recently announced a new original anime called Mayonaka Punch. The upcoming series is set to air in July 2024. The trailer also confirms more members of the series’ staff. They will likely reveal more details about the anime in the coming weeks and months. Check out the trailer below:

    The staff of the series is as follows:

    • Director: Shū Honma
    • Scriptwriter: Hideaki Shirasaka
    • Studio: P.A. Works
    • Adaptation: Ryōta Arima
    • Character Designer: Tsukasa Kotobuki
    • Original Work: Dōga Tōkō Shōjo

    Additionally, Tomomi Usui will launch a manga adaptation of the series as part of Kadokawa’s Monthly Young Ace magazine in April 2024. A novel adaptation will also release soon. Stay tuned for more details in the future. P.A. Works recently announced another anime titled Nanare Hananare. The release date for the anime is currently unknown, however, they’ll reveal more details on February 9.

    Anime News Network describes the series as follows:

    The original coming-of-age story anime depicts the various ways six high school girls — with different talent, personalities, and hobbies — find support in their lives. The teaser visual at right shows the lead character against the backdrop of a city in Gunma Prefecture.

    Lastly, Mayonaka Punch will air in July. A manga adaptation will release in April. It is currently unknown when the novel adaptation of the series will release.

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