SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada Reveals ‘Magus and Cradlecoffin Customization’ Trailer

    The first sneak peek since TGS 2023.

    Bandai Namco and Game Studio released a new trailer for third-person shooter/action game SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada, introducing customization for the Magus and Cradlecoffin. When the game launches, players will be able to customize their character to their liking

    SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada was originally planned to release before the end of 2023, but Bandai Namco delayed the game’s launch to 2024. During Tokyo Game Show 2023, a stage show for SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada was held, and attendees were able to try out the new game for the first time. Fans will in Japan will be able to try out the game again soon. 

    SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada Latest Trailer and Event

    Magus and Cradlecoffin customization is the key highlight of the latest SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada trailer. Players will be able to try out these features for themselves in a hands-on trial event in Tokyo on February 18. Select members of the game’s Discord server will be able to play the new demo at the event. Users must apply before February 2, and those selected to participate will be contacted with more information. 

    Watch the new trailer below.

    Here’s an overview of the new game, via Steam

    SYNDUALITY: Echo of Ada takes place in 2222, years after a mysterious poisonous rain called “The Tears of the New Moon” wiped out most of humanity and birthed deformed creatures that now hunt the population. Amidst the calamity, humans build an underground haven named Amasia, where they discover and begin to collaborate with forms of artificial intelligence called Magus.

    In the game, players will step into the shoes of the Drifters, people who make a living collecting AO crystals, a rare resource available on Earth. In this quest they must face xenomorphic creatures known as Enders, while counting on Magus, their AI partners, to guide them through their journey, help them in fights, and provide directions, hints, and warnings.

    All the while, they will be developing and strengthening the bond between player and AI. Gameplay and combat in SYNDUALITY centers around Cradle Coffins, armed vehicles in which players can fully control and personalize, from appearance to weapon loadouts, to fit their own playstyle. Players can also join other Drifters online to either help them in their missions or hinder their progress by fighting to loot their precious resources.

    Lastly, SYNDUALITY Echo of Ada is coming soon to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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