F-ZERO 99 Update Adds Secret Tracks and Private Lobbies

    Play with friends to your heart's content.

    Nintendo announced the version 1.2.0 update for F-ZERO 99 is now available on Nintendo Switch with new secret tracks and private lobbies. The maximum level and skill rating for players has also been increased. 

    Following its launch on September 14, F-ZERO 99 received various free updates that added new maps, modes, and additional features. The latest update is one of the biggest yet, with private lobbies finally being added to the game. In addition, fans may occasionally be able to race on tracks that aren’t selectable in normal modes. 

    F-ZERO 99 Version 1.2.0 Update Patch Notes

    Alongside new secret tracks and private lobbies, the F-ZERO 99 version 1.2.0 update increases the maximum level to 399 and the maximum skill rating to S50. Levels about 100 are designated with a star in the game. Moreover, a new badge has been added to Pilot Cards. Players may select this badge after meeting certain criteria in F-ZERO 99.

    Patch notes for version 1.2.0 are available below, via Nintendo’s support website.

    New Additions

    • Private Lobbies have been added. To utilize them, select a game mode, set a 4-digit passcode, and then join the lobby. Players with matching game modes and passcodes can meet in the same lobby to race.
      • Private Lobby race results are not reflected in leaderboard points, records, or challenge progress. Also, you will receive less EXP and fewer ticket points than in regular races.
    • Secret Tracks have been added. These will occasionally appear in F-ZERO 99.
    • Maximum level and skill rating for players have increased. The maximum level has increased from 99 to 399 and maximum skill rating has increased from S20 to S50.
      • Levels 100 and above are indicated in the game as ☆ = 1. For example, “☆00” for level 100 and “☆☆00” for level 200.
    • Added one badge that can be used to customize Pilot Cards. After meeting the specified conditions, you will be able to use it for customization.
      • You can check the specified conditions and perform customization by selecting WORKSHOP on the main menu, and then selecting PILOT CARDS.
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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