Tears of Themis Enduring Light Event Begins in January 2024

    Incredible rewards await in a murder mystery case.

    HoYoverse announced the Tears of Themis “Enduring Light” event will begin on January 3 as the first in-game event of 2024! During the event, players may earn exclusive rewards by progressing a murder case. 

    HoYoverse is renowned for its free-to-play RPGs such as Genshin ImpactHonkai: Star Rail, and Zenless Zone Zero, but the studio also delves into the otome genre with Tears of Themis. In the next Tears of Themis event, the focus turns to the Li Hotel in Xuzhou Town, as a 50th birthday banquet is underway for a famous philanthropist. However, the banquet comes to an abrupt end when the philanthropist is murdered.

    Uncover the Truth in Tears of Themis ‘Enduring Light’

    Starting January 3, Tears of Themis players may participate Enduring Light event to earn various rewards, including S-Chips, free draws, new R Cards, an event-limited badge, namecard, invitation, and much more. Additionally, “Bygone” Outfits and backgrounds will also be available in the cosmetics shop with a limited-time discount. The draw rate for the SSR Cards “Sky Ashes,” Artem “Enshrouded Sunglow,” Vyn “Imprints in Oblivion,” and Marius “Path of Thorns” will be increased. Players may also earn these cards by participating in the limited-time event. 

    Watch the new trailer below.

    Here’s what’s inscribed with each new SSR card, via HoYoverse:

    Luke’s SSR Card

    “May my life be like a ray of light, and may I burn like the brightest flame… To protect
    the peace of my homeland and the safety of our people, so no child will have to suffer the horrors of war…” When the dawn breaks, his light shines upon the world “I hope you have a peaceful and happy life, and all your wishes come true. And…” Luke, a young man with eyes full of laughter and a heart burning with ideals.

    Artem’s SSR Card

    “If I asked you to pull the trigger, would you do it?” Artem is the partner who has been by your side through it all. You are faced with an impossible dilemma, he reveals a slight
    trace of sorrow. “If after all the days we spent side by side, we are destined to be
    consumed by love together… I would choose to let you live.”

    Vyn’s SSR Card

    “I spent my life practicing medicine and helping people… and I have… no regrets.” Vyn, a solitary hero who wishes to save everyone, meets one who knows his heart. A vow is
    made, but beliefs and promises are left to the unreachable future.

    Marius’ SSR Card

    “This is a game filled with deception, where good and evil are often blurred. Are you
    truly on my side, or are you after something else?” The time spent with Marius was
    beautiful, yet fleeting. He bids you farewell, and heads to the crossroads of life and death. “Even if we were mere ants, I would rather die after having given my all, instead of perishing in the torrent of time without having contributed anything.”

    Lastly, Tears of Themis is available now for Android and iOS.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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