The Top Easiest Characters to Learn in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising

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    Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising has brought a wave of new and returning characters jumping into the action. As with any fighting game, character choice can significantly influence a player’s experience. For beginners, this is without a doubt true. Here, we explore some of the most accessible characters to learn in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising


    Gran's character portrait in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, who is also one of the easiest characters in the game.

    As the protagonist, Gran is tailor-made for beginners. His character design is a nod to the shoto archetype familiar to Street Fighter fans, featuring a balanced playstyle with straightforward moves. Shoto types benefit new players because of the two key moves they generally have: fireballs and invincible dragon punches. These attacks form a basic yet effective game plan. The fireball is the main attack, and the dragon punch attacks opponents in the air. Throwing fireballs incentivizes the opponent to jump, allowing you to use a dragon punch to hit them out of the air.

    Gran’s toolkit includes both a reliable fireball and dragon punch. His fireball can control space and pressure opponents from a distance. At the same time, his dragon punch serves as a powerful counter against aerial attacks. As a beginner, this character would be perfect for you. He is an excellent choice for learning the fundamental game plan of using fireballs and punishing opponents with dragon punches.


    Djeeta's character portrait in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, who is also one of the easiest characters in the game.

    Djeeta, often compared to Gran, stands out with her hybrid shoto style. She excels in fireballs like Gran, but her rekka pressure adds a slightly different flavor. To explain, rekkas are a special move involving multiple stages with consecutive inputs. For Djeeta, her rekka consists of three stages. You can do the first stage and continue the rekka, or completely stop. Djeeta’s rekka is great for newcomers because it teaches you how to bait invincible dragon punches on offense.

    To explain, the opponent must do a dragon punch to beat the second or third part of her rekka. However, let’s say you don’t perform the second or third part of her rekka and choose to block instead. You will block the opponent’s dragon punch and be able to punish them later. These attributes make her an appealing choice for players who enjoy a pressure-oriented playstyle while still adhering to the basic principles of Shoto characters.


    Katalina's character portrait in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising, who is also one of the easiest characters in the game.

    Katalina is also one of the most accessible characters to learn in Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising. A nod to the shoto archetype, Katalina is also a superb choice for beginners learning fireball and dragon punch techniques. Most importantly, a unique quality of hers is long-range attacks. Her standing medium, heavy, and crouching medium punches are all great pokes. If you attack the opponent, you can look at the health bar to see if the opponent was hit and confirm into a combo afterward. 

    The concept of hit-confirming is another reason why Katalina is great for newcomers. Before you do a combo, you want to ensure the first attack even hit the opponent. The last thing you want to do is execute a combo, but the opponent blocked it all, and now you are about to be punished. By playing Katalina, you will significantly learn the skill of hit-confirming. Katalina’s toolkit allows players to understand the shoto style and the importance of controlling space and hit-confirming. These qualities make her an invaluable character for mastering fighting game fundamentals.


    Anila, the Queen of Sheep, is an all-rounder character who wields a pole-arm and divine powers. She is a brand-new addition to the GBVS series and brings a lot of tools with her. She is equipped with a diverse array of projectiles, anti-airs, and rush-down attacks. This makes her toolkit powerful and versatile for players of all skill levels. Anila’s ability to control space with long-range pokes and execute easy combos makes her a formidable and accessible character for beginners. 

    However, one of the unique moves she has is her hop. She can use it to approach the opponent, but she can also utilize it to reset her pressure. Being able to keep pressure on the opponent in fighting games is crucial. Playing Anila as a beginner will teach you how to apply scary pressure against foes.

    Closing on Some of Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising’s Easiest Characters

    Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising has some of the most straightforward characters you will ever see in a fighting game. From the straightforward shoto approach of Gran and Djeeta, the spacing and hit-confirming expertise of Katalina, and the intimidating pressure of Anila, there are plenty of options. New players have plenty of choices to embark on their journey in GBVSR

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