Metaphor: ReFantazio Demo Being Considered, New Gameplay Details Revealed

    In a new interview video released by SEGA and ATLUS, Metaphor: ReFantazio director Katsura Hoshino states that a demo is being considered for upcoming events. Some new gameplay details about Metaphor: ReFantazio were revealed as well. 

    The new Creator’s Voice – This is Metaphor: ReFantazio interview video, director Katsura Hashino, character designer Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro discussed the new RPG’s features, combat system, and concepts. In a separate livestream, ATLUS also confirmed that several Metaphor: ReFantazio events will be held in 2024. A demo may potentially appear at one of these events. 

    Katsura Hashino Wants to Bring a Metaphor: ReFantazio Demo to Fans

    At the end of the Metaphor: ReFantazio interview video, Hashino states that he wants to bring the game to fans all around the world. Although he can’t talk about specifics, Hashino would like to bring a Metaphor: ReFantazio demo to events in countries around the world so players may experience the game’s unique combat system and world for themselves.  Hashino may potentially be referring to ATLUS Brand 35th World Tour: Road to Metaphor: ReFantazio, which will feature events and new information about the new RPG.

    If a demo does come, players will be able to try out the new action elements of Metaphor:  ReFantazio, which Hashino wanted to make distinct from Persona. While traversing the overworld, players may initiate real-time combos that before beginning a more traditional command-style turn-based battle via the Squad mechanic. Enemies that are weaker than the protagonist may be eliminated through action in the field, however.

    Unlike silent protagonists in the Persona series, the protagonist of Metaphor: ReFantazio will speak in event scenes. Soejima specifically designed the protagonist to have a sense of style that brings the character to the forefront of the game. Moreover, the protagonist may level up Social Stats through various means, just like in Persona. These stats may prove vital toward gaining affinity with another character.

    Metaphor: ReFantazio launches in fall 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Here’s an overview of the new RPG, via ATLUS

    Write your destiny and rise above fear as you step into a fantasy world unlike anything you’ve seen before. Fraught with unsettling mystery, the kingdom stands on a precipice. Now, you must embark on a journey, overcoming obstacles and forging bonds with friends.
    From the creative minds of the Persona series – Metaphor: ReFantazio marks ATLUS’ first ever, full-scale fantasy RPG, brought to you by director Katsura Hashino, character designer Shigenori Soejima, and composer Shoji Meguro. Metaphor: ReFantazio is developed by Studio Zero.
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