Zenless Zone Zero Confirmed for 2024 Launch

    Pre-registration is live.

    A new gameplay trailer for Zenless Zone Zero confirms the new “urban fantasy” action RPG will launch in 2024 across Android, iOS, and PC. HoYoverse invites new players to become a Proxy in New Eridu and enter the Hollow. 

    Zenless Zone Zero is a new action RPG with fast-paced action gameplay, a urban aesthetic, and a colorful cast of anime-inspired characters. Players will soon explore New Eridu, partake in unique mini-games, and progress the intriguing main story as a Proxy. Proxies may help Agents traverse the dangers of Hollows, or realms that are detached from the normal plane of reality.

    Zenless Zone Zero Releasing in 2024

    Zenless Zone Zero will release next year, and pre-registration is live right now at the game’s official website. The game is confirmed for Android, iOS, and PC, and a console version is coming soon. 

    Watch the new trailer below.

    The Zenless Zone Zero second closed beta test, also known as the “Equalizing Test,” is now live for a limited time. During the closed beta test, players will be able to experience new stories, traverse new explorable areas, control more playable characters, and test out gameplay mechanics. An end date for the second closed beta test has not been announced yet. Moreover, fans can expect more character trailers to be released over time. 

    Here’s an overview of the beta, courtesy of HoYoverse:

    In its latest beta, players will be able to explore a new story chapter that centers on Belobog Heavy Industries — one of the major factions in the game. Thanks to a series of immersive urban gameplay mechanics added to the upcoming beta, players will be able to probe into the Proxy Network known as Inter-Knot and take unusual commissions or play
    arcade games with friends, pet loveable animals, and roam around the vibrant Sixth

    Lastly, Zenless Zone Zero is coming soon to Android, iOS, and PC. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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