Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Online Features Revealed

    Help Psaro become a better monster wrangler.

    Square Enix revealed new details about online features and modes present in turn-based monster-wrangling RPG Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Players will have access to these features in roughly a month’s time. 

    Dragon Quest fans will soon embark on a new journey as Psaro, a familiar name from Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. A powerful curse prevents Psaro from hurting monsters, but anti-hero gains valuable allies and powers that will aid him in his quest. Players may also help Psaro and his party with multiple online features. 

    Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Online Features

    Firstly, Square Enix confirms that online matches will return to the series with Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince alongside various new features. These features include the Online Shop and Quickfire Contests, which are automatic battles using the party’s data. Fizzy is an expert in monster wrangler training and the internet, so players may speak to her at Rosehill Tower for insight into online options and DLC. 

    Players who perform well in Online Battles and Quickfire Contests may earn several rewards, including new monsters and rare items. Players may battle against other players in Ranked Battles. Rising up the ranks nets you rare accessories and other items to improve monsters. Friend Matches lets players battle against friends in less competitive matches. Additionally, players may host knockout-style multiplayer tournaments with up to eight players. 

    In Quickfire Contests, registered party data may be used to conduct battles in massive competitions automatically. Players may earn rewards from a Quickfire Contest once per day. These rewards include items that raise monster stats. After completing a contest, players may view the details of each battle and view opponent party data to conduct Sparring Matches for practice. 

    Gold coins earned throughout Psaro’s adventure may be used to obtain items at the Online Shop, which updates its stock every day based on real-world time. Items may also change depending on story progression. Items that are available in the Online Shop include special scrolls, which teach new Talents for monsters. Square Enix encourages players to check the Online Shop regularly to see what’s new. 

    Lastly, Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince launches December 1 for Nintendo Switch, and pre-orders are available now physically at retail and digitally via Nintendo eShop. Pre-orders include the Head Start Set featuring, Stardust Earrings x1, Scholar’s Specs x1, and Bonus Ball x5.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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