Tekken 8 Reveals Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovich & Lee Chaolan

    More character reveals coming in November.

    Bandai Namco revealed Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovich, and Lee Chaolan will make their return in Tekken 8 this coming January. Two more characters will be revealed on November 2 and November 12, so there’s plenty more to look forward to. 

    The Tekken 8 closed beta test was recently held from October 20 to October 23, allowing players to try out a significant portion of the launch roster in a online matches. Specifically, Bandai Namco tested out the network capabilities and features of Tekken 8 before the game’s launch during the closed beta test. News about Tekken 8 won’t stop any time soon as Bandai Namco reveals more characters leading into launch.

    Latest Tekken 8 Base Roster Update – Devil Jin and More

    A new trailer posted by IGN confirms that Devil Jin, Zafina, Alisa Bosconovich, and Lee Chaolan will be in Tekken 8. Bandai Namco will reveal new characters on November 2 and November 12, bringing the base roster’s total up to 32. Harada is considering crossover characters for Tekken 8, but these will be considered after the game’s launch. 

    Here’s the current roster:

    1. Kazuya Mishima
    2. Lars Alexandersson
    3. Jun Kazama
    4. Jin Kazama
    5. King
    6. Nina Williams
    7. Paul Phoenix
    8. Marshall Law
    9. Ling Xiaoyu
    10. Leroy Smith
    11. Asuka Kazama
    12. Lili
    13. Hwoarang
    14. Bryan Fury
    15. Claudio Serafino
    16. Jack-8
    17. Raven
    18. Azucena
    19. Feng
    20. Kuma
    21. Panda
    22. Leo
    23. Yoshimitsu
    24. Steve Fox
    25. Shaheen
    26. Sergei Dragunov
    27. Devil Jin
    28. Zafina
    29. Alisa Bosconovich
    30. Lee Chaolan

    Watch the new trailer below.

    Tekken 8 physical and digital pre-orders are now available with new Paul Phoenix avatar costumes as a special bonus. Players may earn exclusive Mokujin and Tetsujin avatar costumes by pre-ordering the PlayStation 5 version. The Deluxe Edition includes all standard items, the Kinjin Avatar skin, and the Playable Character Year 1 Pass. This pass includes four characters released after the game’s launch. Moreover, the Deluxe Edition includes a Gold Suit Pack of playable character costumes for all 32 characters.

    Lastly, Tekken 8 launches January 26, 2024 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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