The Idolmaster Million Live! Anime Now Streaming on Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll confirmed that the recently premiered anime The Idolmaster Million Live! is now streaming on the service. Further episodes will stream on the site as they premiere in the coming weeks in Japan.

    The Idolmaster Million Live! is a video game series developed by Bandai Namco. The game allows players to take the role of producer in an idol-simulator. A new entry in the Shiny Colors game series will release soon, with an anime adaptation coming out next year.

    Crunchyroll Adds The Idolmaster Million Live!

    The Idolmaster Million Live! Screenshot

    The first episode of The Idolmaster Million Live! aired on October 8. It premiered on TV Tokyo and other affiliates at 10:00 AM. It will air on BS, AT-X, and more later this week. On October 9, Crunchyroll released the episode on their website. They describe the series as follows:

    Mirai Kasuga’s dream is still elusive, Shizuka Mogami’s idol devotion knows no bounds, and Tsubasa Ibuki? Well, let’s just say she’s never met a serious moment. When these three quirky souls cross paths with the mesmerizing world of idols, prepare for a heart-pounding spectacle. Join our 39 idols as they come together to paint the theaters with the dazzling hues of 1 million dreams!

    Additionally, the first entry in the gaming series is available on the Google Play Store. Bandai Namco describes the game as follows:

    A full-scale rhythm game “Deleste” where the idols of “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS” play an active role!
    Over 200 songs in total! Over 180 idols have appeared! Let the idol shine with your production!

    Easy-to-operate rhythm game
    Organize your own unit and enjoy “LIVE”!
    In the LIVE scene, Cinderella Girls will appear in 3D!
    Furthermore, in 2D mode, “Petit Delera” is cute and awesome!
    In “SMART LIVE”, hold the terminal vertically and play a new style rhythm game!
    “GRAND LIVE” is also available, where you can enjoy a gorgeous LIVE with up to 15 idols in a dynamic rhythm game!

    Lastly, The Idolmaster Million Live! anime is available now on Crunchyroll. Subsequent episodes will air every Sunday.

    Saras Rajpal
    Saras Rajpal
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