Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to Feature “A New Episode with Zack”

    Zack will be more present in Rebirth than Remake.

    In a new interview with IGN, Final Fantasy Brand Manager Yoshinori Kitase shared that Zack Fair will receive a “new episode” in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This comes after IGN asked a question surrounding what the character’s role would be in the story. 

    Plenty of new information has dropped tonight, including the news that the title will take up 150GB of storage. Read on to learn what Kitase shared with the team over at IGN.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth to Feature ” A New Episode with Zack”

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Music

    Kitase said the following to IGN:

    “Furthermore, as you know, within the original Final Fantasy 7, the character Zack Fair is one that doesn’t appear as much in the original title. However, we see at the end of Remake that he has appeared, which, you know, is quite a difference from the original title. And as for Rebirth, there will be a new episode with Zach, that will contain even more of him than the Remake. I’m not able to say much more than this as I would like for players to play and experience this with it in their own hands.”

    The Producer of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was keen on not sharing too much information, so it seems we will have to wait for more until the round of trailers and interviews. To learn more about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, check out a description from the PlayStation Store:

    Discover a vibrant and vast world in this standalone entry in the Final Fantasy VII remake project.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the Final Fantasy VII remake project, which retells the story of the genre-redefining RPG across three distinct games.

    Iconic heroes Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith and Red XIII have escaped from the dystopian city Midgar and are now in pursuit of Sephiroth, the vengeful swordsman from Cloud’s past who was thought to be dead.

    This new adventure can be enjoyed by all players, even those who have yet to play Final Fantasy VII Remake or the PlayStation original. Expect a new standard of cinematic storytelling, fast-paced combat and rich exploration across a vast world.

    When Is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. The game will not come to other platforms for some time after launch. 

    Should You Play Final Fantasy VII Remake Before Rebirth?

    Yes, you should play Final Fantasy VII Remake before trying this new title. While Square Enix claims you can play it standalone, you should not. 2020’s FF7R features critical points of the story as well as introductions to characters. So, unless you want to be blindsided by 30 hours of character interactions, you should play Remake before Rebirth

    Can You Pre-Order Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

    Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can now be pre-ordered! Check out our pre-order guide for all the details and links you need to secure a copy.

    Where Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth End?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will depict events up to The Forgotten Capital. Again, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. The game is exclusive for three months until May 29, 2024.

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