Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis – Tier List (September 2023)

    The best of the best (as of September 2023...)

    Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is Square Enix’s next foray into the gacha game market. Different characters and gear being outright superior or sometimes better for specific content comes with the territory. Knowledge is power, so use our Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis September 2023 Tier List to learn about what is the best!

    Why Do the ‘Tiers’ Matter?

    Tierlists generally help players determine what is good in a game. Of course, there is a level of nuance to consider like playstyles; or in gacha games’ case, different content. However, tiers in living games such as this will periodically change and may even get a complete restructure if the game goes on long enough. So keeping up to date on tiers and understanding what different aspects of the game require of you is important.

    Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Character Tier List

    Characters are unlocked depending on what stories you play or the gear you draw. So they aren’t particularly hard to get as this gacha game isn’t focused on drawing for characters like games like Genshin Impact.

    Tier Character(s)
    S Aerith, Cloud
    A Barret, Matt, Tifa, Zack
    B Glenn, Red XIII
    C Lucia


    Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Weapons Tier List

    Weapons are the most important thing you need to consider when building out your party besides upgrades. Certain weapons outclass others and provide different effects. 

    Tier Weapon(s)
    S Apocalypse (Cloud), Apology In Hell (Glenn), Broadsword: Axis (Matt), Enemy Launcher (Barret), Fairy Tale (Aerith), Falchion (Zack), Hardedge (Cloud), Heavy Hauser (Barret), Mad Minute (Lucia), Murasame (Cloud), Platinum Collar (Red XIII), Prime Number (Matt), Rest in Peace (Glenn), Serpent Eater (Lucia), Slick Beetle (Matt), Sonic Striker (Tifa), Tiger Fangs (Tifa), Wizard Staff (Aerith), W Machine (Barret), Zweihander (Zack)
    A Arc Sword (Zack), Assault Gun (Barret), Black Rifle (Lucia), Crewkicker (Glenn), Crystal Sword (Cloud), Crystal Sword (Z) (Zack), Crystal Gloves (Tifa), Cutlass (Zack), Full Metal Staff (Aerith), Jiggy Fam (Glenn), Junk Collar (Red XIII), Kaiser Knuckles (Tifa), Motor Drive (Tifa), Mythril Rod (Aerith), Mythril Saber (Cloud), Organics (Cloud), Piece of Cake (Glenn), Powersoul (Tifa), Pulse Gun (Lucia), Shockbuster (Glenn), Silver Staff (Aerith), Solid Bazooka (Barret), Stingray (Matt), Wizer Staff (Aerith)
    B Absolute Royal (Matt), Buster Sword (Cloud), Butterfly Edge (Cloud), Core Defender (Matt), Defender (Zack), Enhance Sword (Cloud), Flame Projector (Barret), Guard Stick (Aeirth), Gold Collar (Red XIII), Grand Gloves (Tifa), Heavy Vulcan (Barret), Iron Blade (Cloud), Max Ray (Barret), Noble Collar (Red XIII), Orthodox Raven (Matt), Personal Style (Glenn), Rage Collar (Red XIII), Rubber Collar (Red XIII), Sleek Collar (Red XIII), Tranquilizer Gun (Lucia), V39 (Lucia)
    C Barn Swallow (Lucia) , Espee Rapiere Next-G (Matt), Gatling Gun (Barret), Hardcore Squad (Glenn), Leather Collar (Red XIII) Leather Gloves (Tifa), SSR1976 (Lucia), Striking Staff (Aerith), Type-99 Longsword (Zack)

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