Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 Anime Premieres October 12

    Opening and ending theme songs revealed.

    TOHO Animation has officially confirmed that the Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 anime will premiere on October 12. The company also released a brand-new trailer and revealed the artists performing the season’s OP and ED.

    Dr. Stone: New World marks the third season of the beloved anime Dr. Stone. TMS Entertainment initially released the first season in 2019. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired, and Funimation streamed a dub around the same time. Part 1 of Dr. Stone: New World initially aired from April to June. TOHO will reveal more information on the second part of season 3 in the coming weeks.

    Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 Coming in October

    A screenshot of Dr. Stone: New World Part 2

    The second cour, or Part 2 of Dr. Stone: New World, will air starting on October 12. A recent live-streamed event confirmed that Ryūjin Kinoshi will perform the OP for Part 2, titled “Haruka.” The event also confirmed that Anly will perform the ED, titled “Suki ni Shinayo.” Seasons 1, 2, and the first half of Season 3 are available for streaming now on Crunchyroll.

    Here’s an official description of Dr. Stone: New World via Crunchyroll:

    With the Stone Wars over, the former members of Tsukasa’s Empire of Might join forces with the Kingdom of Science to build a ship capable of sailing across open ocean to seek answers on the mystery of the global petrification. However, before they can begin their voyage Senku and his friends need to find some key resources and push some new scientific advancements to build the type of vessel they need.

    Check out the new trailer for Part 2 of Dr. Stone Season 3 below:

    Lastly, Dr. Stone: New World Part 2 will begin airing on October 12. The series will stream on Crunchyroll as it airs, with a dub released later. Much like Part 1 of New World, the show will likely premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in the months following its initial airing.

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