Haikyu Final Part 1 Movie Confirms Full Title

    New information on the Haikyu Final movie has been released. It has been a long time since Haikyu Season 4 Part 2 ended, and the manga was still not completely adapted. It was only a matter of time before a new season would be announced, considering how successful the anime is. Haikyu Final Movie was confirmed a while ago, but now new information on the movie has been released.

    The new movie is titled “Haikyu!! THE MOVIE -Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump” and is the first part of a 2 part series to adapt the rest of the manga. No other information besides that has been released, but we’ll surely get more on September 24, 2023. 

    What Will The Haikyu Movie Be About?

    Karasuno vs Nekoma from Haikyuu

    The Battle at the Garbage Dump is matches played by the rival teams Karasuno and Nekoma in previous years. As the title suggests, the movie will be about the long-awaited match between the two former powerhouse schools. This match has been hyped up for so long, as they both failed many times in the past to make it to nationals. This movie will adapt the 3rd match of Karasuno’s run at the spring nationals after defeating the Number 2 team Inarizaki High.

    This match will push Hinata to the limits and will test his ability as a volleyball player. Without going into too many details, this match will see Hinata and Kenma facing off, and it will be a match for the ages.

    You can view the teaser for the movie below:

    More information, such as the release date, staff, cast, and trailer, might be revealed on September 24, 2023. Be sure to keep up with Final Weapon for the latest information on Haikyu!! and anime/manga.

    Haikyu!! is about the short but extremely athletic Hinata, who enrolls in the once-famous Karasuno High School and joins the volleyball club. He finds his rival from middle school Kagema Tobio, the genius setter. With two new talented volleyball players and other good players, Haikyuu sees the Karasuno volleyball team aim to reach nationals and regain their once-lost glory. 

    You can watch the anime on Crunchyroll.

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