GINKA Reveals Opening Theme Song by Ikumi Hasegawa

    Sung by the heroine herself.

    Bushiroad Games and Grisaia Chronos Rebellion developer Frontwing shared a new promotional video for GINKA, revealing the opening theme sung by Ikumi Hasegawa. Hasegawa is the voice actress for GINKA heroine Ginka Shinomiya.

    GINKA was announced in September 2022 as Frontwing’s next new title following its most recent developments with the Grisaia: Phantom Trigger series. Asta Konno is handling the concept and script of GINKA’s scenario. Konno’s previous works include If My Heart Had Wings, A Sky Full of Stars, and Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi. Key animation and character designs are handled by Yusano (ATRI: My Dear Moments, The Wizard Who Believes in a Bright Future). Once more, Frontwing is handling production of the game. 

    GINKA Opening Theme Song

    Ikumi Hasegawa sings the opening theme song “Star Trail” for GINKA. The latest promo video plays the new theme song while highlighting stunning illustrations and CGs for the new visual novel. 

    Here’s an overview of the new visual novel, via VNDB:

    “Ginka, a childhood friend, on the night of the summer festival, was “spirited away” and disappeared.”

    5 years have passed since then.

    Now a high school student, Aoba Ryuusei boards a ferry returning to Hime Jima. He wants to make sure. Since then, what happened to Ginka? Maybe, she returns home like nothing has happened, living a normal life and attending school on the island, perhaps……

    Such small expectation turns into disappointment. Ever since that night, Ginka remains missing. Sinking into despair, when Ryuusei is about to leave the island again, he has a mysterious reunion.

    What appears before him is, a girl who looks the same like she was back then―― Ginka.

    “Welcome back.”

    Forgotten even her own name, all Ginka remembers are the name “Ryuusei” and the feelings she has for him.

    Where has she been?
    Why does she still look so young?

    On a small island where time flows leisurely, days with a childhood friend who has been “spirited away” and returned, in a summer vacation like a fairy tale.

    Watch the new GINKA promo video below, via Frontwing’s official YouTube channel.

    Lastly, GINKA is coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PC. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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