Tencent to Acquire Techland, Studio Retains IP Ownership

    An unexpected partnership.

    Techland has officially announced that they will partner with Tencent for their future titles following Tencent’s acquisition of the studio. The reveal comes from a formal post from the CEO of Techland, Pawel Marchewka.

    Techland is best known for its works on the Dying Light and Call of Juarez franchises. Their last game, Dying Light 2, was released in early 2022. Tencent, on the other hand, is a massive multinational company based in China. They’re known for acquiring developers such as Level Infinite and Next Studios and publishing several successful mobile games.

    Techland and Tencent

    Techland's upcoming fantasy game

    Marchewka’s official post confirms that Techland is working to make Dying Light “the ultimate zombie game experience for players worldwide.” They’re also in the process of making a “truly special” brand-new fantasy open-world action RPG. For more assistance, Techland has confirmed that Tencent will have a majority stake in the company and help them optimize their workload in the future.

    Despite the acquisition, however, Marchewka has confirmed that they will “retain full ownership of [their] IPs, maintain creative freedom, and continue to operate the way [they] believe is right.” Additionally, Pawel Marchewka will continue to operate as CEO.

    He confirms that the acquisition will allow them to “move full speed ahead with the execution of the vision for [their] games.” Tencent is the perfect company for this, mainly because of its successful streak of working with some of the most successful companies in the industry. It will be interesting to see what this means for the future of both Techland and Tencent. In the coming months, more information will undoubtedly be revealed about what the acquisition means in the long-run.

    Techland’s most recent game, Dying Light 2, is available now. Fans can purchase it on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC. While their fantasy game doesn’t yet have a release date, it is currently in development, with more information coming soon.

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