Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE – All Memory Shard Locations

    Forge bonds with the Master Detectives.

    Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is full of mystery and intrigue, but players may also take time to learn more about each Master Detective by collecting Memory Shards. Each Memory Shard unlocks a Gumshoe Gab, which is essentially a support conversation between Yuma Kokohead and a member of the Nocturnal Detective Agency. These Memory Shards are scattered across various locations within Kanai Ward, the main setting of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

    How to Access Gumshoe Gabs in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

    After making some progress in Chapter 1, Shinigami will lure Yuma into collecting the first Memory Shard for Yakou Furio. Yakou Furio’s first Gab or “Memory” is unlocked, and the Gumshoe Gab section will become available from the Notebook menu. A total of 25 Memory Shards are available in Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, so players need to find and collect 24 other Memory Shards from here on out. Fortunately, all of the Memory Shard locations are listed in this Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE guide.

    Note: Locations within Chapter 5 will be briefly discussed, but no story spoilers are listed here.

    Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Memory Shard Locations

    Halara Nightmare Memory Shards
    • Behind the Clocktower
    • In the Chemistry Lab during Chapter 2
    • On the edge of a building after arriving in Dohya District for the first time
    • In the Masked Man’s room at Kanai Tower, near the entrance
    • In the Post Office Ruins in Chapter 5
    Fubuki Clockford Memory Shards
    • On top of a wooden crate in Genma District’s alleyway 
    • On the sun symbol of Sun and Moon Hotel’s dining area
    • At the meat bun truck in Marunomon District
    • In the mouth of a lion statue at Kanai Station
    • Near the Construction Site Remnants in Chapter 5
    Vivia Twilight Memory Shards
    • On the small bookshelf near the bookstore in Kamasaki District
    • In the left-hand corner of the Church area
    • Underneath a van in the Resistance hideout parking lot
    • Located on a floating crate in the flooded in the Marunomon District
    • Found on a boulder immediately after crossing the red bridge in Chapter 5
    Yakou Furio Memory Shards
    • Obtained automatically during the first chapter
    • On a luggage cart found within the Kanai Station
    • On top of a wooden crate in the underground section of Kamasaki District
    • In the Robot Lab during Chapter 4
    • On a bamboo tree after crossing the red bridge in Chapter 5
    Desuhiko Thunderbolt Memory Shards
    • Near the bottom of the fountain at Aetheria Academy
    • Near a computer in the Resistance Hideout
    • Found under rubble in the River Bank during Chapter 3
    • In the security lab of Amaterasu Headquarters during Chapter 4
    • Inside the Dilapidated Shack in Chapter 5

    Lastly, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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