Essential Tips for Every Character in the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta

    The next generation of Street Fighter is near!

    Listen up, Street Fighters! Due to popular demand, Capcom is releasing the Street Fighter 6 open beta this weekend. As the countdown begins, both newcomers and seasoned veterans are excited to enter the fray. However, you will encounter a lot of fierce competition in the online ranks. It’s extremely vital to equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies that will give you an edge over your opponents. Are you exploring the new roster of fighters in the SF6 open beta? Look no further! This article provides essential tips for dominating the online ranks and maximizing your chosen character’s potential. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

    Essential Tips for Every Character in the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta – [Ryu]

    Ryu looking up at the sky with his name next to him

    As expected, Mr. Street Fighter himself is back and better than ever! Here are some tips that will elevate your play with Ryu.


    Ryu doing his Shoryuken attack in SF6

    Ryu’s iconic special move, the Shoryuken, is a crucial move in his arsenal. There is a light, medium, and heavy version. I suggest practicing its various versions to understand their range and invincibility frames. It serves as an effective tool for preventing opponents from jumping. It’s also good for reacting to their vulnerable approach options. Being good at anti-airing is an important skill to have in Street Fighter, so don’t neglect it!

    ~Denjin Charge

    Ryu doing his Denjin Charge in SF6

    Denjin Charge is an extremely vital tool to use for Ryu. His combo game is greatly enhanced by having 1 Denjin stock. His Denjin fireball can now do multiple hits, allowing for more combo opportunities in the corner. The Denjin version of Ryu’s new special move called Hashogeki allows him to combo from anywhere. It also gives you a frame advantage if they block it, which means you can keep the pressure going! This is great for Ryu, as it’s been a while since he had the capability to inflict great damage. Definitely take advantage of it!

    Ryu doing his Hashogeki in SF6

    It’s essential to highlight that performing Denjin Charge leaves you highly vulnerable. It is extremely unsafe to use this move within your opponent’s range. The opponent could jump in on you or do a special move if you use it in the wrong places. I highly suggest only doing Denjin charge when you put your opponent in a hard knockdown. That way, you become safe and more powerful.

    – [Ken]

    Ken doing his Shoryuken pose with his name next to him

    Our fiery friend Ken is back in action and he’s got some new tricks up his sleeve. Let’s give a rundown of some important stuff!

    ~Utilizing Ken’s Shoryuken

    Ken doing his Shoryuken in SF6

    Like Ryu’s uppercut, this is your best anti-air tool. However, there is something unique about Ken’s Shoryuken. His heavy and OD version not only has a long range but also has projectile invulnerability. This means that you can use both versions to react and punish projectiles. This is really good to use against characters like Guile who wants to use fireballs on you all day.

    ~Dragonlash Kick

    Ken doing Dragonlash in SF6

    Dragonlash kick is a very good move to use for combos. The thing to note about it is that the OD version makes your opponent switches sides with you. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use this move if you have your opponent in the corner. Maintaining the corner in Street Fighter is crucial since your opponent must take risks to escape. This makes them predictable and easy to defeat. Using this move in the corner will only throw away that advantage and instead put you in the corner. If you successfully land a hit, it’s advisable to utilize this move as an escape option from the corner.

    Important to note: The heavy version of this move gives you a frame advantage if your opponent blocks it. It’s a great way to keep the pressure on the opponent!

    ~Jinrai Kick Corner Loops

    Ken doing Jinrai Kick in SF6

    This move is gonna be your best friend in the corner. You can juggle your opponent with a combo loop, giving you some good damage. From the heavy version, you can do a forward light kick a little bit after. After that forward light kick, you can then do another Jinrai Kick later into another forward light kick. From there, you can finish it off with either a heavy Shoryuken, OD Tatsumaki, or any of his supers.

    – [Guile]

    Guile looking to the right while touching his watch with his name next to him

    The American soldier is back and he wants to recruit you for some action! Let’s see what’s some important stuff to know from him this time around.

    ~Sonic Boom and Flash Kick Gameplan

    Guile doing his Sonic Boom in SF6Guile doing his Flashkick in SF6

    Guile’s biggest strength is his ability to keep you out. You must utilize the combination of Sonic Booms and anti-airs to control the neutral game. Throw out Sonic Booms in ranges where you cannot be punished to force your opponent to take risks. In taking risks, the opponent will try to get to a range where they want to punish your Sonic Boom. From there, you look for jump-ins to Flashkick.

    Important note: Be careful not to walk yourself back into the corner. Stand your ground and maintain your space. Don’t give your space away in the SF6 Open Beta.

    ~Sonic Blade Into Sonic Cross

    Guile doing his Sonic Blade in SF6Guile doing Sonic Cross in SF6

    This combination allows Guile to create an even more powerful sonic boom. Sonic Cross travels across the screen very slowly and has more hits. This makes it good for safely walking forward, claiming space as you go. It’s also good for dominating the fireball war because it will beat out a lot of other projectiles.

    A clever strategy is to use Sonic Blade to deceive your opponent into anticipating a Sonic Cross. Once they fall for it and jump, you can flash-kick them in time!

    – [Chun-Li]

    Chun-Li doing a standing split with her name next to her

    The girl in blue is back and she’s ready to kick some more butt! Here are a few things to keep in mind with her.

    ~Serenity Stream Stance

    Chun-Li doing her serenity stream stance

    With a simple input of a command, Chun-Li enters a crouching animation, but this isn’t like any other! This command puts her in a stance that gives her a new set of normals. Lots of combo opportunities can come from it as you can cancel your attacks into this stance. From there, you can pick whichever of the six follow-ups are good to combo into.

    I’d like to point out that there is one Serenity Stream follow-up that is extremely useful in Chun’s kit.

    ~Anti-Projectile Moves (Snake Strike)

    Chun-Li doing her snake strike serenity stream follow up

    Snake Strike is a Serenity Stream follow-up that goes completely under projectiles. This makes it a really good tool against characters who want to keep you out. Combined with Chun-Li’s fast walk speed and Snake Strike, projectile characters are gonna have a hard time against her.

    Chun-Li doing her level 2 super
    Chun-Li’s level 2 super also can beat projectiles. When she has 2 bars of CA meter, the player throwing out projectiles should reconsider before launching another one. Otherwise, they’ll eat tons of damage!

    ~Utilize Your Pokes

    Chun-Li doing her standing heavy punchChun-Li doing her forward medium punch

    Keeping people out with her attacks is Chun-Li’s specialty. Her standing heavy punch and forward medium punch in particular are her best pokes

    Standing heavy punch is super long range and has combos on counter-hit and punish counter. She can cancel her forward medium punch into a special move-on reaction, and it is fast. Use these pokes wisely when you feel the opponent is wanting to get in on you.

    – [Kimberly]

    Kimberly in a backflip pose with her name next to her

    A newcomer to the Street Fighter world, Kimberly is a Bushin-Ryu style user with scary offense! To optimize her toolkit, she relies on fighting up close due to her short-range normals. Here are some things you can use that will aid you.

    ~Standing Medium Kick

    Kimberly doing her standing medium kick

    This is pretty much Kimberly’s best poke. Not only is it long-range, but it’s also special cancellable. This is very unique because not a lot of characters in the game have a special cancellable standing medium kick. It’s also extremely easy to hit confirm. Approach the situation by walking up to your opponent and using it as a poke. You can also use it to check the opponent’s approaches.

    ~Down-Forward + Medium Kick

    Kimberly doing her down forward medium kick

    This is Kimberly’s best anti-projectile move. Land a punishing counter and you can combo into a standing light punch. Lots of projectile characters are gonna try to keep you out due to her strength close range. Make sure to remember to utilize this move.


    Kimberly doing her teleport

    Put simply, this move is great to use when you are in the corner. Using it will teleport you out of the corner so that you are no longer in danger. 

    – [Juri]

    Juri doing a pose with her name next to her

    The flexible purple spider is back in the SF6 Open Beta! With her motorcycle and crazy personality, you know she’s gonna enjoy beating up some fighters. Fortunately for her, she has some good tools this time around! Let’s check it out.

    ~Standing Heavy Punch

    Juri doing her standing heavy punch

    This attack is insanely strong. It’s very fast, has a large hitbox, can anti-air, is a poke, and is special cancellable. This is pretty much your best button to use in neutral and you can do so many things with it. 

    Also important to note that if the opponent blocks it, it takes away their drive gauge on the block immensely. There’s no reason to not use this button at all in the SF6 Open Beta!


    Juri doing her crouching medium punchJuri doing her crouching heavy punch

    Juri’s crouching medium and heavy punches are her sole anti-airs to use. Her crouching medium punch in particular is her best anti-air. Learn what ranges to use these buttons and you’ll have your opponent deleted out of the sky in no time!

    – [Jaime]

    Jaime striking a pose with his name next to him

    Cousin of the Yun and Yang twins, Jaime breakdances into the SF6 Open Beta with some cool moves. Here are some things that will help you level up with him!

    ~The Devil Inside

    Jamie using his drinking mechanic

    This drinking mechanic that Jaime has grants him new special moves and buffs his attacks. The more drink levels he reaches, the better these stats become. He has a total of 4 drink levels, so drink safely out here!

    Important note: You should only do this move when you put your opponent in a hard knockdown. That way, they have no way of punishing you for drinking.

    ~Anti-Air Combos from Tensei Kick

    Jamie doing his Tensei Kick move

    One of the biggest things to learn about Jaime is that he can do anti-air combos. If you have a drivel level of 1 or higher, you can use his Tensei Kick as the starter. Inputting Tensei Kick requires you to press down and two kick buttons at the same time. After hitting the opponent in the air, quickly jump and execute a jumping medium punch.

    Jamie doing his jumping medium punch

    Performing a quarter circle back motion with a kick button allows you to combo into his Luminous Dive Kick.

    Jamie doing his Luminous Dive Kick move

    From there, there are different ways to continue the conversion afterward, but this is the fundamental part of the combo. So make sure to have your opponent regret jumping at you!

    Essential Tips for Every Character in the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta – [Luke]

    Luke striking a squatting pose with his name next to him

    The new protagonist of Street Fighter returns in the SF6 Open Beta! There are some important things to note about him this time around, so let’s take a look.

    ~Forward Advancing Normals

    Luke doing his standing light punchLuke doing his standing medium punchLuke doing his standing heavy punch

    Luke’s standing punches all advance him forward a bit, even if you whiff them. This is really good because it allows you to not only control space but gain it as well. Street Fighter is a game about having more space behind you than the opponent. Being able to have relatively safe forward-advancing attacks helps accomplish this goal greatly.

    ~Heavy Punch Sand Blast

    Luke doing his heavy sandblast

    Luke’s heavy Sand Blast is a really strong fireball for him. Not only is it hard to react to, but it also has low recovery. This means that you can Rising Uppercut them in time in case the opponent tries to jump over your fireball.

    Luke doing his rising uppercut

    Worst case scenario, you can block in time and not take any damage!

    Essential Tips for Every Character in the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta – [Conclusion]

    Street Fighter 6 launch roster

    As stated before, the Street Fighter 6 Open Beta is this weekend and I’m sure many players are excited. These tips will keep you from feeling lost in your character’s strategies and gameplay. This list will even benefit your matchup knowledge. Familiarizing yourself with the strengths of other characters will empower you to effectively counter their moves and tactics. Remember that this is all a process that takes time and patience. Embrace the challenge, unleash your skills, and make sure to have fun playing this beta!

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