Mega Man Battle Network 6 – Side Quests Guide

    Mega Man Battle Network 6 is an RPG, and RPGs have plenty of side activities to engage with! Use our Mega Man Battle Network 6 Side Quests Guide to do all of the extra content!

    Chip Trading

    Trade some chips for fun and maybe improve your deck.

    Location Chip to Trade Received Item
    Navi, Aquarium HP (Ch. 2) PnlRetrn  Geddon A
    Man, Central Town (Ch. 5) Barr100 H AirHocky M
    Navi, Air Conditioner Comp in Sky Town (Ch. 6) AuraHed1 B AirSpin2 L
    Man, Green Town Court Foyer (Ch. 7) HolyPanl S TimeBom3 N
    Girl, Classroom 1-2 (Ch. 2) EnergBom K DublShot C
    Boy, Aquarium Bottom Floor (Ch. 3) DublShot C HiBoomer V
    Navi, Water Machine Comp (Seaside) (Ch. 4) HiBoomer V GrabRvng I
    Woman, Sky Town Op Room (Ch. 6) GrabRvng I BigBomb O
    Navi in ACDC HP (Ch. 7) BigBomb O JustcOne J

    Quiz Battle

    NPC Location Reward
    Mr. Quiz Cyber Academy, 2F Hallway (Ch.3) QuizBook (HP+50 NCP Pink)
    Quiz Master Aquarium, Control Room (Ch. 5) SlipRunr NCP (Yellow)
    Quiz King Green Town, Underground Room (Ch. 7) QuizData (SpinRed)

    Extra Items

    Nab a few extra items.

    • Chapter 2
      • Heel Navi, Central Area 2: SubMem
    • Chapter 3
      • Heel Navi, Classroom 1-2 Comp: BtlrCard
    • Chapter 4:
      • Man, Aquarium Auditorium Stage: 5 BugFrags
      • Navi, Aquarium Comp 1: Charge+1 NCP (Blue)
    • Chapter 5
      • HeelNavi, Green Area 1: Humor NCP (Pink)
      • HeelNavi, Shower Comp at Sky Town: RushFood
      • Heel Navi, Undernet Zero: WWWID
    • Chapter 6
      • Mr. Prog, Punishment Room at Green Town: Poem NCP (Yellow)
      • HeelNavi, Elevator Comp at Sky Town: SpinGreen
      • Navi, Undernet Zero: Soul Folder
      • Man, ACDC Town: Apprentice Folder
    • Chapter 7
      • Continuously use Central Area 1 NetCafe: Lotto Number (Unlocker) & BugStop NCP (Yellow)
      • Continuously use Green Area 2 NetCafe: Compression Code (OilBody) & AntiSwrd 
      • Continuously use Sky Area 1 NetCafe: Lotto Number (TimeBom3 M) & HP Memory
      • Man, Sky Town Force Room: Expert Folder
      • Man, ACDC Town: Compression Code (Collect)

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