Mega Man Battle Network 5 – Side Quests Guide

    Mega Man Battle Network 5 is an RPG, and RPGs have plenty of side activities to engage with! Use our Mega Man Battle Network 5 Side Quests Guide to do all of the extra content!


    Have BassCross MegaMan active. Scenes and fights against Bass trigger in these areas:

    • Oran Area 3: Bass
    • Nebula Area 4: Bassα

    Chip Trading

    Trade some chips for fun and maybe improve your deck.

    Location Chip to Trade Received Item
    Navi in Helmet Comp (End City) AntiDmg F AntiDamage NCP
    Navi in Old Comp (Higsby’s Base) JustcOne J SoulClen NCP
    Boy on Bridge of Queen Bohemia SloGauge  NrthWind 
    Navi in WineCaseComp (Queen Bohemia) NrthWind  GrabRvng F
    Man on Oran Island GrabRvng F VDoll T
    Navi in SquirrelComp6 (ACDC Town) VDoll T AntiDmg
    Lady in Gargoyle Castle AntiDmg  DarkInvs I


    Comp Switches

    Lan must activate switches in the real world to open portals on the Net.

    • Furnace in Yai’s Room: Furnace Comp (ACDC Area 3)
    • Oran Island crane: Crane Comp (Oran Area 2)

    Heel Navi Guards

    A gate in Nebula Area 4 requires defeating 5 Heel Navis.

    Reward: GrabRvng N.

    • End of Area 4 via portal warp.
    • Undernet 1 (from End Area)
    • Undernet 2 (hidden under upper path)
    • Crane Comp (from Oran Area 2, hit the switch on Oran Island first)
    • Server Comp (from SciLab Area 4)

    Hide and Seek

    Start by talking to the boy behind the building at Scilab Harbor. He must be found in order. The reward for completing is an AntiDmg *.

    • Mr. Prog, ACDC Area 3.
    • Official Navi, Sculpture Comp (BattleChip near SciLab entrance).
    • Heel Navi at Drill Comp 3 (Oran Island)
    • Orange Navi at Furnace Comp (Oran Area 2). From Yai’s furnace.
    • Real World, Boy hiding behind rocks at Old Mine 3 (Oran Island)

    Quiz Battle

    NPC Location Reward
    Mr. Quiz Scilab Front DarkThnd M
    Quiz Master Queen Bohemia Dock DrkLance W
    Quiz King Oran Isle Big Cave (deepest area) Chivalry NCP

    Nebula ID

    During Chapter 6 the Nebula ID can be obtained from Nebula Agent in Oran Mines.

    • ACDC Area 1: HP+200 NCP (Yellow)
    • Oran Area 2: HP Memry
    • SciLab 4: Magnum V
    • End Area 4: AirShoes NCP
    • Undernet 1: DarkPlus 

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