Ninjala Launches Attack on Titan Collaboration

    Harness the power of colossal Titans.

    GungHo Online Entertainment announced the Attack on Titan collaboration is now live in Ninjala as season 12 kicks off on Nintendo Switch. The Attack on Titan collaboration brings new costumes, a new weapon, Titans, and much more into the world of Ninjala for a limited time. 

    From March 16 to April 26, Ninjala players may enjoy Attack on Titan content including the ability to transform into Titans from the popular anime and manga. Outfits of Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlert are available now in the Shinobi Shop. Additionally, players may wield Thunder Spears through the use of new Ninja-Gums. 

    Here’s a full rundown of the Attack on Titan collaboration in Ninjala, courtesy of GungHo Online Entertainment:

    Ninjala x Attack on Titan

    • Offer Up Your Wardrobe: Dress the part of a Scout Regiment member! Visit the Shinobi Shop for outfits based on characters like Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlert. Plus, show off your tidying skills with the “Levi’s Cleaning Style” outfit. Players can also receive two special outfits based on Levi and the New Omni-Directional Mobility (ODM) Gear Style from the collab gacha. 
    • A Thunderous New Weapon: Wield the mighty Thunder Spears or harness the Titan’s power with collab Ninja-Gums. 
    • Unleash the Power of the Titans: Relive moments from Attack on Titan with emotes based on the anime, including “Titan Transformation,” “Levi’s Attack,” and “Offer Up Your Hearts.” Set your pre-battle emote to “Offer Up Your Hearts” to perform the Scout Regiment salute with your team before heading into the fray. 
    • Command Titans: Transform into “Eren’s Titan,” “Colossal Titan,” “Armored Titan,” and “Female Titan” with collab Gum Utsusemi. These chibi-fied terrors can be purchased from the Shinobi Shop.
    • Stock Up on Rations: There are plenty of other special items coming to the Shinobi shop, including outfits based on the Survey and Cadet Corps, IPPON decorations, Sticks, and Gum Bottles. A Gum Bottle based on the ODM Gear features a rugged mechanical design and will look great with collab outfits.
    Prove Your Cadet Skills

    Held on April 22, the Attack on Titan Cup is a six-hour, limited-ranking battle for all regions. Players can obtain special rewards based on ranking, including IPPON decorations, collab avatar items, Gold Medals, and Gacha Coins. The top 2,000 players will receive Military Police Regiment-themed outfits. All participants will receive an “Attack on Titan Logo” Sticker. 

    Keep The Battle Going

    During the collab, the Battle Bonus will be in effect. Players can earn collab Stickers, Research Points, and Gacha Coins by participating in battles. Completing Shinobi challenges during the collab period will also earn Research Points, Ninja Medals, and an outfit based on the Garrison Regiment. Players who finish ‘Round 5’ of the challenges will receive a Garrison Regiment T-shirt. 

    Matsuri Madness

    A GOEMON Matsuri will also take place during the collab, with the great vigilante ninja thief GOEMON handing out Jala to players. Use this free currency to purchase Attack on Titan items or pick up a Ninjala Pass. The SUPER Ninjala Pass Matsuri, hosted during the collab, will let players earn double tier points from daily Ninja Missions. Players will be able to refresh missions as many times as they want during the Matsuri.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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