Disgaea 7 Releases Series of Character Trailers

    Denizens of the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster.

    Nippon Ichi Software unveils a new series of trailers introducing the main characters of upcoming strategy RPG, Disgaea 7.


    Fuji is the first to be highlighted in the series of Disgaea 7 character trailers. Voiced by Kaito Ishikawa, Fuji is a demon that was taught to fight on the battlefield from a young age. He claims to be allergic to human emotions despite being cheap and lazy like one.

    Here’s an overview of the character via Gematsu:

    A triple threat of demon, cheap, and lazy, he is a demon with a devilish personality rarely seen in Hinomoto, which is rooted in the way of Bushido.

    He was taught how to fight on the battlefield at a young age, and with the motto “If you win, you’re a hero; If you lose, you’re a servant,” he will do anything to win, whether that means a surprise attack or foul play.

    He has a self-diagnosed allergy to human-like expressions, and has to cough up blood whenever he feels human emotions like love, friendship, and sympathy.

    Character Trailer: Fuji


    Piririka is a young otaku girl raised in the Wahei Netherworld. She admires “Bushido-made” manga and movies, but she is shocked to see the true state of affairs in Hinomoto.

    Although she is naive, Piririka is strong at heart. She believes every bad person must have a reason for becoming bad, for instance. As the rich CEO of a popular apparel company, Piririka often tries to settle problems with money.

    Character Trailer: Piririka

    Nippon Ichi Software plans to share more Disgaea 7 character trailers in the coming weeks. In fact, the company revealed the following trailer schedule:


    Wey-yasu is the lazy and narcissistic shogun of the Oedo Shogunate. He has an unparalleled love for women, but his own housemaids find him irrelevant. His extravagant lifestyle includes hiring apprentice geisha and hosting banquets every day.

    Despite a lack of power, he was ultimately chosen to be the wielder of the Divine Staff: Tokugawa Tenge, one of the Seven Weapons of Origin. As a result, Wey-yasu is really strong when he’s serious.

    Character Trailer: Wey-yasu


    Seefour is a phantom thief whose name is known throughout the Hinomoto Netherworld. She only steals from those connected to the Shogunate, however. “Phantom Thief Mouse Girl” is her second alias.

    She’s currently collecting “Netherworld Sacred Treasures” in Hinomoto for her own “research purposes.” Additionally, Seefour is a gunpowder and weapons fanatic, so she acts like a completely different person once she smell the scent of any nearby weapons.

    Character Trailer: Seefour


    Suisen is a boy with a mechanical body. As the Clairvoyant Magistrate of the Shogunate, he stands in the way of Fuji and the others. Despite his young appearance, he’s a self-aware biological weapon with high processing power.

    Character Trailer: Suisen


    Ao is a young-looking girl that calls Fuji her “father.” She is wanted for carrying out destruction throughout Hinomoto on behalf of her “father.” 

    She desires affection from Fuji and commits most of her attention toward him. Ao shows no mercy to anyone besides Fuji, and her overwhelming power gives way to chaos.

    Character Trailer: Ao

    Higan Zesshousai

    Higan Zesshousai is a prestigious woman with the title of strongest swordswoman in Hinomoto. She taught Fuji the way of the sword. According to Fuji, she’s the most evil swordswoman in Hinomoto. 

    She became too strong with the sword and decided to master the spear. Higan Zesshousai is arrogant and loves to fight as well. She may go berserk unless her sweet tooth is satisfied.

    Character Trailer: Higan Zesshousai

    Disgaea 7 releases January 26, 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in Japan. Lastly, a release date has not been announced for the west by NIS America.

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