New Nintendo Patent Seemingly Reveals Nintendogs AR Mobile Title

    A new Nintendogs game could be in the cards.

    It seems that Nintendo has had a new patent go live on January 17 that has seemingly revealed a Nintendogs mobile title is in development. This patent shows off multiple instances of a smartphone in an AR environment, with a dog being moved around the screen in different positions.

    The patent focuses on AR, with the ability to place the player object in the field view of the environment. Multiple pictures included show off the virtual camera, and the viewing direction it is capable of seeing in the virtual reference plane. Multiple entity-relationship diagrams [ERDs] are included, showing off the process of the systems.

    Nintendogs was originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2005, with a sequel, titled Nintendogs + Cats, being released on Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Besides an appearance as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros., the series has largely been dormant since the 3DS entry. Considering the Switch, it would have made sense to release a successor on the portable console, however, this makes plenty of sense with Nintendo’s reoccurring interest in mobile.

    While the patent doesn’t guarantee a new Nintendogs title is on the way, it hints pretty heavily toward it considering the strategic use of the dog. We’ll be sure to update you on any further developments regarding this patent. Be sure to let us know on Twitter if you’d be excited about a Nintendogs mobile title!

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