Persona 4 Golden: Yumi Social Link Guide

    What lies at the end of this budding friendship? Well, this guide will help get you and Yumi through it! Here’s the P4G Yumi Social Link Guide!

    Getting started

    Unlocks: April 25. You can join Drama club or Music club. If you join the Drama Club, Yumi Ozawa will be your Sun Arcana Social Link and if you join the Music Club it’ll be Ayane Matsugana.

    Days Available: 4/2

    Location: Practice Building

    You may have to spend time with this person outside of Social Link chat to get their affection for you up high enough to Rank Up. Just visit them and hang out with them, hang out with them if they call you, and invite them to do things when you can in order to help build up affection.

    Rank Progression

    In order to complete this Social Link as efficiently as possible, try to have a persona that matches the arcana of the link and use the following list to give the best possible responses to the character. (This guide assumes you have a Persona of a matching arcana to the Social Link)

    • Rank 1: Starting rank
    • Rank 2: any choice – any choice – I’ll give it my all!
    • Rank 3: any choices
    • Rank 4: No. – Is something wrong? – I can’t forget.
    • Rank 5: Just passing by. – any choice – Take care of yourself, too. – Yes I do.
    • Rank 6: How is your mother? – any choice
    • Rank 7: He’s a kind father.
    • Rank 8: Gently encourage her.
    • Rank 9: any choices
    • Rank 10: any choices (dating guide)

    P4G Yumi Social Link Max Rank Persona

    For reaching Lvl 10 and completing this Social Link you gain access to the Asura Persona.

    You can fuse Asura at Level 86. It blocks Fire and Light, resists Ice, and is weak to Wind. It learns a powerful physical attack and fire spell. It also learn passives that resist ailments and cuts SP costs.

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