VTuber Action RPG Virtua Unlimited Project Is Coming To Switch

    Coming soon to PC via Steam as well.

    Neverland Entertainment and Virtua Ride System announced VTuber action RPG Virtua Unlimited Project is coming to Nintendo Switch. A release date was not announced just yet.

    In Virtua Unlimited Project, players take on the role of VTuber Aizawa Kana in the cyberspace world known as NEO Babylon. Kana takes on other VTuber with strange abilities in a Mega Man Zero inspired action RPG. Virtua Unlimited Project is coming soon to PC via Steam alongside the Nintendo Switch version, and Steam players may wishlist the game now.

    Here’s an overview of game via Steam:


    Called as Operators and fighting in a surreal, virtual world, VTubers, just made a splendid debut of a magnificent performance…

    Virtua Unlimited Project is a 2D pixel-art style action game featuring VTuber characters. This is a world exclusively belonging to all sorts of VTubers active in cyberspace. Playing as Aizawa Kana, a hot VTuber, you will venture into this NEO Babylon world and fight with VTubers capable of different superpowers. Will they appear as someone you are familiar with or challenge you with strange abilities? Don’t let your guard down!

    With core gameplay inspired by Mega Man Zero on GBA, this game combines many excellent features including adorable pixel visuals, classical platformer gameplay, retro combat designs, and many more exploration elements. Moreover, role-playing elements are emphasized enough for you to savor every moment of glitz and glamour of each Vtuber.

    • A paradise for VTubers: All of them are VTubers—protagonists, adversaries, even the development team behind! Debuted as VTubers active in the virtual cyberspace, they are composing a legendary story with their splendid posture and excellent combat skills.
    • Mega Man Zero style gameplay: Inspired by Mega Man Zero series, VUP features retro game feelings, challenging Boss fights, and intriguing levels in different styles.
    • Exclusive Character Card: Obtaining character cards by fighting with VTubers. By reading card data with your special belt, you can obtain those characters’ skills to fight in different styles.
    • Pixel Art-Style Virtual World: Besides confrontations and combats, there are also interactions and communication with others. Find the fun in everyday life of these VTubers in pixel art-style NEO Babylon City High Street.
    • Virtual vs Real: Behind the prosperous virtual world, lurks the true secrets. Can you solve the mysteries hidden in this virtual world? Step onto the unknown road with Kana…

    Lastly, check out the wishlist trailer below:

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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