Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll Launches January 5, 2023 for PC

    Cotton shoots her way onto Steam.

    SUCCESS Corporation and Studio Saizensen announced Cotton Fantasy is coming to PC via Steam under its original Japanese title, Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll. The PC version launches on January 5, 2023 worldwide.

    Here’s an overview of Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll via Steam:


    The original beautiful girl side-scrolling shooter is back!
    This work commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Cotton series.

    This brand-new game from the Cotton series featuring a total of 6 iconic playable characters, including stars from other games! Each character has their own mechanics and attacks, allowing you to choose from different playstyles and find the right match!
    While staying true to the iconic Cotton style, several new shoot ’em up mechanics are introduced, like Psyvariar’s Buzz System or Sanvein’s Time Mode.

    Choose your favorite route from the selective stages and complete all 10 stages.
    After all stages are cleared, new selective stages will be released.


    1 lever + 2 buttons(Shot/Special Shot)

    Various characters
    • Cotton
      • Protagonist of the series
      • Long press on a shot to use magic.
    • Appli
      • Character added in the series “Cotton 2
      • You can use magic just like Cotton, and catch enemies with a special shot!
    • Ria
      • A new character based on “Psyvariar“.
      • When she snatches an enemy’s bullet, it BUZZs and strengthens her.
    • Fina
      • New character based on the motif of “SANVEIN“.
      • The system will be changed to a timed system.
    • Kawase
      • Umihara Kawase” is now a shooting game?
      • Special shot is a lure. You can catch enemies and put them in your backpack.
    • Luffee
      • The heroine of “Doki Doki Poyacchio!”
      • She transforms into a laser character.
    16 stages in total

    Choose your favorite route in the selective stages and clear all 10 stages.
    New selectable stages will be released when all stages are cleared.

    Various modes
    • Story Mode.
      • There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from.
      • Full-voiced event scenes will liven up the story before and after each stage.
    • Training Mode
      • You can repeat stages that you have already played many times.
    • Leaderboards
      • Online and offline rankings are available.
    • Options
      • You can set the keyboard controls, language, and visibility of the judges’ decisions.

    Lastly, Cotton Fantasy is available now for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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