Hideki Kamiya Discusses Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon in New Blog Post

    An experience for new and old fans alike.

    PlatinumGames vice president Hideki Kamiya published a new blog post discussing Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon and the vision behind the project.

    Hideki Kamiya is the supervising director of Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon and the entire Bayonetta series. Previously, Kamiya said that he wants to tell more Bayonetta stories and the upcoming title is part of that initiative. Young talent are spearheading the project such as Abebe Tinari as first-time director and Tomoko Nishii as art director.

    The new game is a brand-new gameplay experience by PlatinumGames for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with traditional action games. At the same time, the game provides an “unforgettable experience” for players coming from prior Bayonetta titles such as Bayonetta 3. Kamiya hopes players approach the game with an open-mind and decide to take on the adventure with Cereza and Cheshire.

    Kamiya discusses the new game further within the PlatinumGames blog post:

    “I am guessing that some of you out there may be intimidated by the word ‘Bayonetta‘ in the title name – perhaps you’re not an expert at hardcore action games, or maybe you’re not familiar with the Bayonetta lore because you haven’t played any of the games in the series up to now. Rest assured! This game is a brand-new gameplay experience, different from anything in the Bayonetta games so far. We created Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon with the hope that fans of the series to date will enjoy this unique take on their favorite badass heroine, and also endeavor to deliver an unforgettable experience to players who may not be comfortable with action games… or even players who are unfamiliar with the Bayonetta series in the first place!”

    Lastly, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon launches March 17, 2023 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
    Raul Ochoa, a.k.a. Soul Kiwami, is the Managing Editor of Final Weapon and a Games Writer at Game Rant with four years of writing and editing experience. Raul is passionate about the Japanese gaming industry, and he's a huge fan of Nintendo Switch, PC hardware, JRPGs, and fighting games. business email: [email protected]

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